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6 Steps to Raising a Happy Infant

Steps that can help save a baby from discomfort.

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| Contributor Content| UPDATED: October 6, 2017, 10:26 AM IST
6 Steps to Raising a Happy Infant (Image: Yogen Shah)
We all wish to communicate, a baby does that usually by crying, cooing, signaling or by getting angry. When a child is born, they are alien to the feelings of discomfort of a grumbling tummy, passing poo or pee, burp or fart. Everything seems like a challenge to them and they usually cry to express their feeling of strangeness or discomfort. We cannot decode this language, but we can surely take some steps that can help save a baby from discomfort and hence avoid crankiness.
Here is a handy list that you can refer for raising a happy infant:

1. Clothing
You must dress your little one in comfortable wear at all times. The thumb rule is that baby should wear one layer more than what you are wearing. So if you are wearing a sleeveless top, the baby should be wearing a full sleeves top and likewise, if you are wearing one sweater – baby should be wearing a sweater plus a jacket. Ensure the clothes are at least 1 size big and lightweight.

2. Moisturize
Baby skin tends to get really dry – which can, in turn, lead to itching. Ensure your baby is well moisturized. Use a non-odor baby skin brand. Itching and rashes can make a baby very cranky and fussy.

3. Diaper
Leave the baby without a diaper for some time if possible. If this is not possible, ensure you keep changing the diaper every 3-4 hours. If it’s spoiled, then change immediately. Use a light odorless wipe or running water to clean the private parts. Air dry and then apply coconut oil. This will ensure the skin remains rash free too.

4. Play Time
It is crucial that a baby must play for some time. For very small babies – you can get a play gym or place a simple mirror in front of them. Get a rattle or a toy that makes a sound. Give ample tummy time every day and leave the baby on floor under your supervision.

5. The World Outside
Let your baby experience the outside world so that they can explore sounds, feelings, and visuals. Take baby to a nearby park every day without fail, you can also visit a friend or relative or take him/her to a mall once he/she is 3-6 months old. Let your baby meet new people from your friend circle. This will help you break the everyday mundane routine and will give a change to your baby too.

6. Feeding
First and foremost, you have to understand crying always does not mean hunger. Hunger is only one of the main reasons why a child could be cranky. If you have breastfed your baby for over 45-50 minutes and the infant is still crying – it could mean something else. Many mothers overfeed their infants. Overfeeding can lead to vomiting, tummy ache, and the baby may not like to be fed when the next meal is due and if you insist force-feeding, he may get grumpy.
First Published: October 6, 2017, 10:26 AM IST


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