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6 Ways Parents Raise A Spoiled Brat

Ignoring your child’s misbehavior may cost you a lot.

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| Contributor Content| UPDATED: September 17, 2017, 11:50 AM IST
6 Ways Parents Raise A Spoiled Brat Representative Image: Shutterstock
Every parent wants their children to be independent and grow up as confident individuals. Parents strive to provide the best of facilities to their kids. The best of clothes, schooling, food, nourishment, engagement, toys… the list is just endless. Parents want their kid’s every whim and fancy fulfilled... Which is great but do you also know that by over doing this – we actually spoil our children.
If everything is easily available, always – children tend to lose the value of the same and lack gratitude. Here’s a list of things that you might be doing day in day out, however, could be detrimental to your kid's upbringing:

1. Provide your kids each and everything they ask for – even when it’s not required; or worst, you don’t want to buy something but your child throws tantrums and drives you to buy one. This builds a mentality that every demand - logical or logic less will be fulfilled no matter what.

2. Let them talk disrespectfully to you – not asking them to talk respectfully and follow good manners. Every parent instills etiquette in his/her kids however the implementation process is more important. The child must understand to respect to be respected, to give to be given, to love to be loved.

3. Always helping kids and not letting them try things on their own. Parents at times let the kids give up on projects and their assignments. It’s better to encourage them to carry on and find a solution.

4. Over protecting your child by interfering in all aspects. It’s not bad to oversee your kids, however just maintain a fair distance and let them explore.

5. Ignoring your child’s misbehavior at school with peers, at home with siblings and outside with friends. It is important for his/her lifelong relationships to grow up as someone whose company everyone enjoys. Do not let him/her become a toxic person.

6. When children throw tantrums, instead of understanding the situation and working on a solution – you try a workaround by luring the child with something to eat or buy a new toy or any other conditional benefit. In other words, not tackling the tantrum itself. A parent must stay clear of any tantrums a kid uses to manipulate and the child should be made aware that he cannot get his way through these bad behaviors.

It is important to nip the bud and raise your child as a stable person who understands others, respects others, appreciates things in life, is full of gratitude, is liked by his peers, is logical and most importantly he’s independent and loving.
First Published: September 17, 2017, 11:50 AM IST


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