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9 Must Reads For Your Kid To Feel The Monsoon Magic

Here's how you can help foster children's love of learning.

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| Babychakra| UPDATED: August 23, 2017, 3:28 PM IST
9 Must Reads For Your Kid To Feel The Monsoon Magic (Photo courtesy: AFP Relaxnews/ bradleyhebdon / Istock.com)
Come monsoon and I get the opportunity to relive my childhood memories of the season. We gear up for the season with a new raincoat as my kid likes welcoming the showers by going out and getting wet. We are at that stage in life where I am his best friend so we do a lot of things together. And during weekdays, we choose the next best alternative - we read books. Here is a list of our favourites:

Rain Drops - By Vaishali Shroff

Watercolour illustrations depicting a little girl watching the rains and how it affects life through a glass window. Suitable for ages 4 and above.

Let’s Catch the Rain- By Vinod Lal and Heera Eshwer

The book conveys very beautifully the need to conserve water through water harvesting. Good for ages 3 and above. It will definitely help your toddler become more environmentally conscious.

Boondi’s Story: Water

This is the story of Boondi, a little drop of water, mapping out its transformation through various stages, from gas to liquid to gas in an easy-going interactive manner, making it fun for kids to read. Ideal for ages 4 and above to learn about the water cycle.

The Red Raincoat - By Kiran Kasturia

‘Manu is excited about wearing his prized red raincoat, but the rain is making Manu wait and wait.’ The book takes us to the days of anticipation, just before the first shower and finally the euphoria that accompanies the first rain.

Peacocks and Pakodas - By Mala Kumar and Manisha Choudhury

The book is an elaborate description on Indian monsoon that talks about rains through the eyes of a little girl - describing dancing peacocks, the deep smell of the wet earth, Raag Malhar and delicious aromas of Amma’s hot pakoras.

The Blue Umbrella - By Ruskin Bond

A beautiful and heart-warming tale, even adopted by acclaimed director Vishal Bharadwaj into a successful Hindi movie. Set in a remote village on the Himachali foothills, the story talks about a little girl and her prized possession, a blue Japanese umbrella which becomes the object of desire for other villagers, especially a shopkeeper and how he gets it in the end. It is a deeply moving story that teaches us all including kids, the value of sharing and giving up for others. Suitable for kids 6 and above.

What Makes a Rainbow - A Magic Ribbon Book

What Makes a Rainbow is one of the most popular books of the magic ribbon genre and a great way of learning for toddlers. It is a work of sheer magic, eye catchy and funny, that talks about the colors of the rainbow, using ribbons of various shades. Both you and your kids are guaranteed to fall in love with this book.
Monsoons indoors will now be just as much fun with these books!
First Published: August 22, 2017, 2:39 PM IST


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