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9 Tips to Soothe Your Cranky Crying Baby

Next time your baby cries, try these!

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| Contributor Content| UPDATED: September 13, 2017, 12:24 PM IST
9 Tips to Soothe Your Cranky Crying Baby Representative Image (Photo courtesy: Reuters)
As a new mother, it’s overwhelming when you are not able to soothe your cranky-crying-irate baby and feel helpless. We are hard wired to believe that if the child is crying – it must be due to hunger but that’s only the partial truth.

Yes, babies cry due to hunger. They have tiny tummies which tend to get empty soon and they need their boost of milk again. To ensure you are aptly feeding the baby, breastfeed at least 20 minutes per side and switch sides. Burp the baby always.
Having said that, it does not mean a baby will be hungry 24 hours a day and will cry his lungs out for this.
Next time when your baby cries – try the following tips:

1. Check if the diaper is soiled / heavy/wet – if yes, change immediately. Keep baby diaper free whenever you can. When using wipes, be gentle. Apply a diaper rash cream to avoid any redness or rash.

2. Check the clothing – the thumb rule is if you are wearing a sleeveless, the baby will wear half sleeves. Baby will always wear one layer more than what you are wearing. Check if the baby is hot or cold. Is the clothing tight? Is he able to move well? Is there any tick, ant or mosquito bite?

3. Room temperature – is the room hot or cold. Check the temperature. Feel the baby’s skin and change temperature accordingly.

4. Room Light – sometimes babies get cranky because they are scared of less light in the room.

5. They want you! Sometimes they just want to be held and carried by you. You can sing a hymn, rhyme or just be with them.

6. Put some music for the baby – let them experience the sounds.

7. Give a toy that makes a little sound. Placing a baby in front of the mirror is also a wonderful activity.

8. At times, little babies get cranky when surrounded by too many people. Give him/her some fresh air, just two of you. This works wonders and the child will calm down immediately.

9. Try and feel the tummy of your baby, if it’s hard it could be due to bloating. Give him gripe water. If the baby is still cranky, observe his bowel movement which if in case worsens then you need to head out to the doctor so that a stomach infection could be treated at the earliest. Always clean your breast before and after feeding your baby, remember the school days when you were asked to clean your hands before and after lunch.
First Published: September 13, 2017, 8:33 AM IST


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