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Beware: Alcoholism of your Partner is Hurting Your Kids

Your partner's alcoholism may be hurting your children the most.

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| Contributor Content| UPDATED: March 23, 2018, 3:37 PM IST
Beware: Alcoholism of your Partner is Hurting Your Kids Image: Getty
An alcoholic parent creates a fearful environment for children. It is clinically proven that alcohol raises irritability levels in the alcoholic, so frequent bouts of anger, edginess and verbal abuse (if not physical) are some common sights in households where alcoholic parents dwell. Alcoholics are either drinking or thinking or recovering from alcohol; their priorities just succumb to their bottles of hops and grains. If your partner is alcoholic, it is time to take control of the situation as his/her ways are hurting your children the most.

How alcoholism affects your children?

1. Children who grow under the aegis of alcoholic parent/s get utterly confused at first and find it difficult to comprehend what makes their father/mother behave under the influence of alcohol.

2. Gradually they develop coping skills; however, many find it difficult to become sociable due to fear of shame for their parent’s behaviour.

3. Such children don’t live a free life that they are supposed to. They suppress their feelings and become vulnerable to anxiety and depression.

4. An apprehensive home environment created by an alcoholic parent can impair their emotional health, cognitive skills, and brain function.

5. Such children can grow up with low self-esteem, insecurity, mistrust, and a lot of stress, which can further dampen their future relationships.

What can you do as a parent?

If your partner is alcoholic or indulges in other substance abuse, then as a parent it is your foremost duty to safeguard and protect your children from such influence. Alcoholism is a disease, not a lifestyle. Having a drink or two at the end of the day could be a way to relax or de-stress; however, if it’s more than that and impacting your home environment then you need to take action.

Refer your partner to a De-Addiction center and get suitable plan to treat alcoholism. If that doesn’t help and you see the pattern same, then sending your partner to a Rehabilitation center is ideal for your partner’s physical and mental health as well as for his financial and professional growth. And it is just the right thing for your children for whom you are responsible to create a loving and caring environment.

Lastly, if your partner cannot recover after a Rehab, then you must not keep victimizing yourself and your children. It’s time to go legal and choose different paths as your priorities are different.
First Published: March 23, 2018, 3:37 PM IST


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