Earthquake: How To Prepare Your Home And Family For it

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Protecting your home and family from catastrophes is best done early.

Earthquakes come knocking our doors like the most dreadful guests. While an earthquake of low or moderate intensity would last a few seconds only and might just rattle things around you, you never know if it is a moderate or a large earthquake. Large earthquakes can wreak major havoc if its epicenter is near a densely populated area. Given the unauthorized constructions in India where fire safety and evacuation rules are not followed, it is important to know what to do when your area gets shaken by a large earthquake of high magnitude.

Indoor Safety Precautions during Earthquakes

1. If you are sitting on a chair, sofa or lying on the bed, do not move and get hold of a sturdy corner so that you don’t fall. Avoid sitting near a light fixture or fan as you can be badly hurt, if it falls.

2. If the earthquake is too intense and things start falling, try to take shelter under a sturdy wooden dining table or a place that doesn’t have any hangings.

3. Avoid going in the kitchen during an earthquake. It is the most accident-prone area of your home. Also avoid getting near to refrigerators, almirahs, water heaters, mirrors, paintings or furnishings or appliances that can fall.

4. Never use elevators during an earthquake. If you are in one, try to get out of it as quickly as possible.

5. Stay where you are until the shaking stops; if you feel it’s a large earthquake it’s better to take the stairs and move out in an open area.

Outdoor Safety Precautions during Earthquakes

1. Try to avoid getting under a tree, streetlight, and huge buildings.

2. Stay clear of glass windows, exterior walls and electricity wires and fixtures.

What if you are in a moving vehicle?

1. You must stop your car at the roadside and stay inside it.

2. Avoid bridges, overpasses, underpasses, huge buildings, unauthorized constructions, under construction area or any area that can collapse.

What if you are stuck inside debris?

1. Cover your face with a handkerchief

2. Do not move around much

3. Tap on a pipe or door to alert the rescuers

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