Here's How to Create a Positive ‘Homework’ Time

Representative Image: Reuters Pictures

Representative Image: Reuters Pictures

It is crucial for parents to build homework routine for pre-schoolers.

Homework is the essential task of student life. The habit to continuously sit for 45 minutes to an hour and complete a task goes a long way in building sitting capacity and concentration of your child. It is crucial for parents to build homework or learning routine for pre-schoolers so that as they grow, they develop self-learning in the most holistic way and you won’t need to make them sit for studies forcibly.

Many parents of young pre-schoolers feel that homework is an additional burden for the child and for them too, however doing homework is mostly repeating what is done in the classroom, therefore, homework strengthens synapses by revising the same concept. Secondly, doing homework builds accountability in kids towards their studies, early on. Slowly and gradually, your child acquires time management skills when he knows he has to complete homework before going out for playing. Lastly, it instills confidence in kids when they are able to answer questions asked at school and during exam time.

Everyone understands the value of homework, however making your child sit and enjoy doing homework is a difficult nut to crack. Let us share 5 proven techniques which can help you make your child sit and do his/her homework willfully, each day – every day!

1. Set a Routine

Children respond extremely well to routines. Whether it’s their sleeping time, eating time, TV-time, playtime or homework time, it helps immensely when you set a routine for your kid’s activities. Set a fixed time each day according to your schedule and sit with your child for studies whether she’s got homework or not.

2. Eat & Exercise

Experts suggest making your child eat light snacks or drink milk before studying. Similarly, light exercise or say outdoor play can revive his energy levels that can help him concentrate better while studying.

3. Reinstate the Importance of HW

It’s important to reinstate the importance of doing regular and neat homework to your child. Let him know that teachers praise those kids who do neat work and being consistent with his homework will earn him good grades and marks at school.

4. Patience

Help your child patiently with his homework, however, do not do his homework. If he/she is stuck on a mathematical equation or science question, bring him to the answer by asking him the right questions, explain the answer and then let him do it in their notebook, himself. Never shout at your child for homework or doing things wrong. It will just close all doors of communication immediately.

5. Praise

Praise your child for being a responsible ward. Praise him when he gets up himself and does his homework. Some kind words go a long way in encouraging kids to own their actions and tasks.

  • First Published: December 23, 2017, 09:28 IST
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