Here's How to Take Care of Your Kids in the Next Two Months

Representative Image: Getty Images

Representative Image: Getty Images

Here’s what you can do to keep your little one strong and protected,

Sun has started shining brightly as we approach the last two months of winter. However, taking care of our kids and elderly during these two months must not be ignored as the nip in the air is strong in evenings and early morning. Here’s what you can do to keep them strong and protected until spring arrives!

1. Bask in the Sunshine

Let your kids, yourself and your parents bask in the afternoon sun on weekdays and play out in the sunshine on weekends, to get ample boost for your immune system.

2. Cover Up

Do not forget to cover your child’s head during mornings and evenings. Use ear-muffs if the wind is strong. As per science, we lose 30% of our body’s heat via head and it’s crucial to cover it up to stay warm.

3. Stay Active

Kids who stay active by indulging in sports or physical activity are less prone to illness due to increased fighter cells in their body.

4. Personal Hygiene

Common cold, flu and other infections thrive in unhygienic conditions. Ask your child to wash hands before and after eating food, do not skip bathing time and change clothes every day.

5. Hit the Snooze-Button

Adequate sleep lets the body recover from illnesses fast and strengthens the immune system to prevent falling ill. Thereby, let your child sleep in the afternoon and if that’s not possible, put him/her off to sleep maximum by 9 pm to wake up at 6:30 am the next morning.

6. Clean-up

Keep your home infections-free by using phenol for mopping the floor, dusting should be done frequently to keep dust off the shelves, regularly change bed linen and wash blankets to wipe-off breeding grounds for infections.

7. Good Food

Ensure your children are getting plenty of fruits, liquids and warm foods so as to maintain a strong immune system, and refrain from oily fast food.

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