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Here's How You Can Introduce Your Daughter to Menstruation

Some points you must discuss in advance before your daughter hits puberty.

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| Contributor Content| UPDATED: February 9, 2018, 2:51 PM IST
Here's How You Can Introduce Your Daughter to Menstruation Representative Image: Getty Images
While Bollywood’s leading man, Akshay Kumar and twitterati are doing their bit to make the topic of menstruation more talkable and less of a taboo, it is as parents that we must shed our inhibitions and talk freely about menstruation aka periods, and puberty to our pre-teen daughters. Menstrual hygiene, treating menstrual pain, what to eat, how much to exert, and how to handle these days are some of the points you must discuss in advance before your daughter hits puberty.

However, when is the right time for this? Is a question that you may ask. Although, the average age in India for puberty is 12 years, however, it can be seen in girls as young as 9. Therefore, the right time to talk about puberty is once your child starts showing signs of puberty, which could be fine hair in the armpits and genitalia (pubes). These signs of growing up usually precede 1 to 2 years of onset of periods in young girls. Thereby talking to your child about early signs of puberty is important to prepare her to deal with these physical and hormonal changes comfortably and discuss with you freely.

Development of breast buds is another vital signal of puberty, however, if you don’t see these changes by the time your girl child is 11-12 years old, you must not delay and talk about menstruation.

Make Period-Talk normal for your child. Many mothers share, how they have utilized the TV ads as a starting point of Period Talk with their daughters. You can always tell your child that there are 2-3 days of bleeding every month when women use sanitary pads and with pubic hygiene, active lifestyle and healthy eating these days are as good as normal days. Tell her that these days are called menstrual days or periods and the process is called menstruation.

Guide her that it’s important for her to engage in physical activity to make her periods a painless and hence seamless process. As per science, girls who are physically active tend to experience less pain and abdominal cramps as compared to the ones who are not. Thereby, it is not just about introduction to periods to prepare her mentally but also about how you prepare your child physically to deal with pain and bodily changes.
First Published: February 9, 2018, 2:51 PM IST


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