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Here's Why Hitting Your Child is a Big Boo-Boo

What happens when you hit your child.

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| Contributor Content| UPDATED: February 11, 2018, 1:33 PM IST
Here's Why Hitting Your Child is a Big Boo-Boo Representative Image: Getty Images
In India, the concept of slapping your child, hitting, or worst caning, was considered a way to discipline young lads who didn’t study with dedication, didn’t eat properly, or created ruckus. With the rise of awareness and several laws in the Indian education system, though corporal punishment has been done away with at schools up to a great extent; however, neither such laws are currently applicable on parents, nor do we see a bright side in distant future. However, as parents let us understand what happens when you hit your child and why it should be a Big ‘No’ to follow as parenting technique.

Why Parents Hit Children?

1. The child commits a grave mistake (according to the parent’s perception).

2. To discipline a child throwing tantrums, displaying bad behavior, arguing with parents, and so on.

3. To instill fear of consequences that follow when they don’t study well or obey your orders.

Some parents find the above three points as justified reasons to hit their child and resort to slapping or manhandling, however, it is their own inability to manage these situations well, that they resort to physically hitting their children.

Consequences of Hitting Children

Parents bear the worst consequences themselves after hitting their children. The first one being stress, second one being guilty and third one being making yourself resort to hitting your child even on slightest mistakes. Thereby, putting yourself into a vicious circle of inflicting pain and feeling guilty.

The consequences of physical punishment to a child are much more than the temporary physical pain. A child exposed to physical punishment develops anxiety or aggression as s/he bottles up anger while going through this parenting mismanagement. The child might himself resort to violence and aggression outside the home, or become submissive.

Parents need to understand that physically hurting your child is extremely humiliating for him/her. And you must consider anger management for yourself before resorting to hitting your child. Discipline yourself in order to discipline your ward and resort to positive and formative pareting!
First Published: February 11, 2018, 1:33 PM IST


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