How to Improve Your Child's IQ during 6 different Stages?

 Representative Image (Photo courtesy: AFP Relaxnews/ KatarzynaBialasiewicz / Istockphoto.com)

Representative Image (Photo courtesy: AFP Relaxnews/ KatarzynaBialasiewicz / Istockphoto.com)

You can help in developing a high Intelligence Quotient for your child!

Scientifically, 90% brain development of your child happens before she turns 5. But it is also true that our brain is the only organ that sculpts itself via experiences it goes through. Therefore, developing a high Intelligence Quotient for your child is very much possible by lending different experiences at different age milestones of your child’s growth. Let’s take a look!

Pre-Natal Stage:

Diet plays a crucial role in the brain growth of a fetus. Include Omega-3 fatty acids and Folic acid in your daily diet to ensure you are giving 100% nutrition to your unborn child.

Secondly, light exercise, yoga, walking, etc are important to ensure a good supply of oxygen and improved blood circulation.

Thirdly, do not stress as that is directly going to impact your baby’s brain development.

Also, stay clear of smoking, drinking or any other substance abuse as these substances hinder your baby’s neurological growth.

Post-Natal Stage:

The first step towards your baby’s mental wellbeing lies in keeping him stress-free. Give him a gentle touch, cuddle with her, try to make different expressions to challenge her brain activity to decipher your action and react accordingly. This will enhance her cognitive skills. Also, you can sing lullabies and songs to boost her linguistic skills at this stage.


Narrate stories from picture books to improve their language and skills. Let him learn slowly which pictures stands for what. Engage your child with coloring and crafts to enhance their creativity. Connect your toddler in outdoor playing to boost their cognitive development.


Encourage your child to read aloud. Engage her in puzzles, lego, blocks and other such toys that challenge her logical thinking. Let them ask as many questions as they want. Their inquisitive minds have a desire to explore and learn. Encourage them!


For kids in their primary school stage, you must play board games like chess, scrabble, etc to develop critical thinking. Let them go through rich experiences in life by traveling to different places, delving in garden science at home, experimenting a little and getting benefitted from experiential learning.


At this stage, the most crucial step towards a higher IQ is discipline. Let your child know how he needs to control his distractions and focus on studies, sports and achieving goals. Ensure that they are getting good sleep and good diet along with physical workout and outdoors games. This is also the stage when you can guide your child on the path of mindfulness and meditation.

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