How to Make Haircuts Easy for Your Child?

Representative Image: Getty Images

Representative Image: Getty Images

Make haircut, a fun experience for your child!

Getting haircut is usually cumbersome especially when it comes to toddlers, as they get absolutely terrified of the new faces, new surrounding and sharp tools like scissors. If you too face a tough time with your little one during haircuts then here are a few tips to make this terrifying task, a fun experience for your child:

1. Stay Calm

Sometimes parents are as anxious as a toddler about this experience, so first of all calm yourself and then focus on calming your child. If you are nervous your child also might become cranky or anxious and end up screaming and crying.

2. Make your Child Comfortable

Children generally feel uncomfortable in new places. Take your child to the hair salon a bit in advance so that he gets familiar with the new surroundings before its time for his haircut. Make him see others while they get a haircut. Introduce him to the hair expert and let him get friendly.

3. Reward your Child

Promising an incentive to your child can go a long way in setting a good mood in the first place. Do not say if you get a haircut quietly, you’ll get this treat; rather just tell him, we’ll quickly get your haircut and then go for pizza/ice-cream in a dashing new look.

4. Ideal time

Fix an appointment for the morning time or for the time when your child gets up after a nap, so that he is well-rested and less cranky. Also, ensure you don’t have to wait in long queues.

5. Some More Points to Remember:

 Ensuring that the stylist is friendly, cheerful and experienced in handling kids

 Setting a routine to take your child for a haircut helps as children respond very well to fixed schedules.

 Distracting your child with his favorite toy or cartoon on your Smartphone.

 Talking to your child during the haircut and naming the various tools that the stylist is using.

 Telling your child how s/he is looking more beautiful!

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