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How To Say No Indirectly To Your Children: 5 Different Ways

Follow these simple steps to convince your child.

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| Contributor Content| UPDATED: October 30, 2017, 11:42 AM IST
How To Say No Indirectly To Your Children: 5 Different Ways This picture is for representation purpose only. (Image: Getty Images)
Children by the age of 5 tend to want everything they set their eyes on and sometimes it becomes extremely difficult to convince them otherwise. As they grow, the word 'no' does not mean anything. Whatever you may say, may bring an opposite reaction from your child. However, as a mother, you must not make it a battle of Egos, thereby follow these simple steps to say NO directly.

1. Try an Alternative
Instead of what the child is fixated on, try an alternative like – when the child asks for finger chips every day, offer him some other snacks, that may be healthier or say something like – you know eating French fries every day is not healthy. It will make you unhealthy and if you become unhealthy – you will have to take medicines and vaccination, and you may have to miss your evening playtime.

2. Explain
Always provide a rebuttal for your NOs, like if the child is jumping on the bed, you calmly tell – bed is for sleeping and you cannot jump. When a child is throwing food – you remove the plate and let them know the food is for eating and not playing. Never shout. Keep your calm and say very clearly and firmly. If your child hits his friends, at school or siblings say – we don’t use our hands for hitting, we should talk. Let the children hug each other and say sorry to each other.

3. Try to Distract
Distraction mostly works in most of the cases. Take them outside, offer something else, show a moving car or a flying bird or something that may catch their attention, so that they forget the original demand.

4. What if, the Child Screams
Toddlers scream when their demands are not met. It’s very common to see toddlers and young children do that in malls or public places like parks. You can say something like – when you scream like that – we cannot understand you. Why don’t you say what you want rather than scream like that when the child responds to your request – hug and appreciate the child.

5. Use Humor
There are times, when children won’t work with the above options, try humor in these cases. For eg – when the child insists of plucking a flower, say something like – here comes the giant butterfly to catch you – make some funny noises and playfully chase the child into some another room. Provide some other form of engagement there.
First Published: October 30, 2017, 9:31 AM IST


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