How to shun Negative Feelings to Rewire your Brain for Positive Thinking

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Learn to stop your brain from playing tricks on you!

We all go through ups and downs in life; however, more than success and acceptance, we delve on our failures and rejections. Negative feelings are bad for our success in life; despite knowing this we all succumb to negative thinking. As per social psychologists, the human brain is wired to lean towards negative thoughts and experiences, than positive events.

Picture this:

You enjoyed 3 buffets a day on a 3 days and 2 nights holiday in a country club, and on your way back home you realized you’ve missed on 1 hi-tea per day that was included in your holiday package. All of a sudden the fulfillment of 6 meals you’ve enjoyed in the past 48 hours is lost in the regret for missing 2 hi-teas.

We all need to put a lot of hard work and persistence to rewire our brain from negative to positive, but it’s worth the effort to live a satisfactory, more gratifying life.

As per experts you can practice the below 3 activities everyday to redefine your thinking and filling yourself with positivity to the brim:

1. Gratitude Journal

Create a gratitude journal and spare 10 minutes each day to write the good things that happened to you today, 5 things you are grateful for in life, and so on.

2. Positive Goal Setting

Visualize positive goals for the future and pen them down. Save pictures from Pinterest or Instagram, chase your dreams, your travel bucketlists, your reunions and jot them in your 2018 Goals. It works in two ways – first, it helps you visualize a bright future; secondly, it puts the law of attraction to work.

3. Forgive for your Sake

Forgive others for the sake your mental wellbeing. The next time someone tries to gaslight you, do not react with a snap. Rather, chose to ignore and forgive, thereby not letting yourself gaslighted. Safeguard yourself from those who try to ignite you, who evoke negative feelings that then run in your brain throughout the day and night. And the only way to do this is to ignore and forgive others.

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