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How to Take Care of Your Furry Baby this Winter?

Image for representation(Reuters)

Image for representation(Reuters)

Ensure your pet has a hassle-free winter

For pet-lovers, their furry babies are an important part of the family. Just like other family members, dogs too need changes in their daily schedule as the winter approaches with changing the season. Here are 5 things you must consider to ensure your pet has a hassle-free winter and he enjoys good health like everyone else in the family:

1. Diet Changes

There’s a drastic change in activity levels of pets when winters arrive. On chilling days, they go out only for relieving themselves. Considering this dip in physical activity, your pet’s diet must be adjusted to lower intake. You can consult your vet and know how much is enough when your pet’s lifestyle hits a sedentary stage.

2. Clothing

Just like you, your pet also needs an extra layer of clothing to brave the chilling weather. Pets that are older have a weak immune system, therefore need to be protected. Pets with the light-haired body must be lent warmth with an outerwear. However, watch out for your pet’s body temperature and remove the sweater or jacket during sunny afternoons or when the temperature drifts normally.

3. Bathing

Just like humans, bathing takes away moisture from your pet’s body too. Therefore you must get a shampoo that has minimal chemicals or soap content. Also, cut down on the frequency of bathing and opt for dry bathing intermittently, wiping your dog with a wet towel. Take care of their paws to keep infections at bay.

4. Medication

Keep general medication or over-the-counter vet medicines handy in winter for your pet. For general allergies, you can give oral medications however if symptoms do not improve in 2-3 days then you must immediately walk into your vet’s clinic.

5. Heaters/Blowers

You must keep your pets away from heaters and blowers as chances of burns are high when your pet tries to enjoy the heat and sleeps too close to such appliances. Their fur can easily catch fire and the consequences are definitely not what you would ever wish to see.

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