It’s Time to Teach Time Management to Your Teen

Representative Image: Getty Images

Representative Image: Getty Images

Teach time management skills to your teen so that they can achieve big academically.

Parents are often heard stating how exam time of their children is, in reality, their exam time. The stress seems louder in parents than the teens who are due for their board examination. The reason could be because parents understand the value of education and how it shapes the career of their children. However, rather than stressing or shouting at your children, it’s better to strategically teach time management skills to your teen so that they can utilize their prep-time fully and achieve big academically:

1. TV Time

Television is the biggest time guzzler for teenagers. And if you have two kids, you would often see them watching it twice, once their show and then the other ones’. Rather than letting your kids have a free run or completely abandoning TV from your house, it’s better to fix their favourite show’s time and put a sticky note on the TV itself.

2. Smart Phones

Whether your teenager likes to play games, chat with his/her friends or watch videos on your Smartphone, it is important to limit this time. Smartphones not only waste time but also spike visual stimulus in children that hampers their cognitive abilities. Limit Smartphone usage to just 15 minutes a day and let your child choose and fix a particular time.

3. Sports

Physical activity boosts cognitive skills, strengthens your child’s immunity and releases stress, therefore, let your child indulge in sports for at least 30 minutes each day to give him some me-time, break from the rut, and fresh air.

4. Hanging Out with Friends

Even an hour seems insufficient when it comes to hanging out with friends, however, this time is crucial for teenagers to prepare for their exams. Therefore, you must help your child schedule his/her time with friends and let them engage either during sports time or let them arrange some study time together if it benefits both.

5. Instill Ownership

Rather than giving reminders to your child to get back to study, it’s crucial to instil ownership. Sit with your child and break down the syllabus into achievable goals. Pen them down date wise or slot wise and keep a tab on goal realization. Motivate your child at all times rather than commenting sarcastically. Let them know of the rewards or consequences that follow if they manage their time well.

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