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Keeping Parenting Fun and Light, Every Day

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Last Updated: June 08, 2018, 14:42 IST

Representative Image: Getty Images

Representative Image: Getty Images

Don't let the fun element go missing.

Parenting is no less than a herculean task; however, why to be an edgy and serious parent all the time, when you can fun to be with. As per child psychologists, children of happy and engaging parents are obedient naturally and are not too difficult to discipline. On the other hand, when children are disciplined all the time and the fun element is missing, they grow up as stubborn, strong personalities that are difficult to convince.

Here are 5 ways how you can make your kids’ childhood and your parenthood a time you’ll cherish forever:

1. Add Play to Boring Tasks

Asking your child to organize his toys, clean his room, arrange his books or stack his clothes can be too boring. Add play to such tasks by assigning a time limit and using a challenging tone like ‘Let’s see if you can organize your toys properly by the time mumma takes a bath.’ Appreciate the child if s/he’s able to complete it in due time or join him/her cheerfully to accomplish the task at hand.

2. Make Learning Fun

Academics and general learning are imperative in a child’s elementary years. Make learning fun by reading stories aloud with interesting sounds, role play with your child, sing rhymes with actions, play puzzles, etc. Children are born scientists, hone their curiosity with gardening, sowing seeds and seeing them grow; doing simple science experiments at home and so on.

3. Raise a Master Chef

One of the most gruelling tasks of parenting is to make your child eat healthy. As per parenting experts, children are less likely to say no to a food that they’ve asked for or have made it with you. Rather than ordering packed cakes/muffins, give the charge to your kiddo to blend ingredients of his favourite choco-chip muffins with a hand blender and then pour in muffin molds to microwave for quick 3 minutes and make yummy home-made, zero-preservative, low-sugar, no-color and whole-wheat muffins. Gradually, give them the responsibility to toss salad for dinner.

4. Shopping Time

The thought of a trip to the mall or grocery store can give you jitters if your child happens to throw tantrums. With a little planning and reward mechanism, you can turn this into easy-breezy time. Feed your child well and relieve him too, before stepping out, so that he doesn’t feel cranky or take you to unnecessary washroom trips.If you have a toddler, carry him in the stroller to be in the driving seat rather than him driving you crazy. If you have a pre-teen hand him/her a small list of easy items that she can procure without tumbling other things down.

5. Be a Part of the Mess

Lastly, it’s good to be a part of the mess at times. If your child has spoiled your lipstick and smudged it all over her face, rather than getting mad over her, click some pics and make them keepsakes that’ll bring a smile on your face when she grows up to be a gorgeous teen. On a beach holiday, have fun while creating sand castles, carving your child’s name on the shore; make paper boats and set them afloat during rains.

More than anything else, our children need our time and a little patience to understand their perspective. No child is a born problem creator, it is just how we channelize their energy and behave with them, that they reciprocate in their daily actions.

first published:June 08, 2018, 14:42 IST
last updated:June 08, 2018, 14:42 IST