Moving to A New Place, Make Great Neighbors With These 5 Tips

Representative Image: Getty images

Representative Image: Getty images

You may end up nurturing a long-term friendship with your neighbor.

Our neighbors are usually our first friends when we move to a new place. Talking to someone who can help you share your emotions is good for your mental health and keeping up cordial relations with your Neighbors proves great for your children’s upbringing too. And you never know you may end up nurturing a long-term friendship with someone who was just a neighbor once.

Let us take you through a few tips that can help you strike a conversation and make great neighbors:

1. Get to Know Each Other

Be open and take the first steps of meeting or calling your neighbor. Go ahead and introduce yourself. If they don’t seem social, limit talk, gauge and proceed accordingly.

2. Invite Thy Neighbor

Invite your neighbor to your place for a cup of tea or coffee to start with. Move on to birthday parties and festivals. This will help bond. Ask prior what kind of food and flavors they like. If you cook keeping their culture or taste in mind, it will leave a great impression of your keenness.

3. Share Small Things

Usually, in apartments, the kitchen balconies are connected. Share the cake you baked this morning or the idlis you made this afternoon. If you are out in your kitchen lobby, strike a conversation about your food skills if she happens to venture out at the same time.

4. Keep In Touch

After the initial first introduction or meet up, ensure you keep in touch afterward too. Never forget to pass a smile when you see your neighbor pass by, you never know what someone might be going through when they chose not to see you in your eyes. Your little smile can help someone immensely.

5. Plan Outings Together

Once you strike a good vibe with your neighbors, meet on weekends. Plan an outing – go for a picnic or go for a movie together with your kids. Kids enjoy more in the company of their same age. Make an effort for their sake.

However, the above tips may not be applicable if your neighbor does not seem to be very social and show displeasure in meeting you. Look out for signs of them not showing interest and act accordingly.

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