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Organizing your Store Room is Easier than you Think

 (Photo courtesy: AFP Relaxnews/ Choreograph/

(Photo courtesy: AFP Relaxnews/ Choreograph/

Storerooms need to be organised too!

If your brain paints a dark-dusty-musty picture with cobwebs resting on items kept haphazardly, then in all probability it is delving on your Store Room, but mind it you are not alone. From storing never-to-be-used again items to Diwali lights & decoratives, from obsolete bikes to your little boy’s pram, the storeroom is also the place for items that you push aside with ‘out of sight is out of mind’ attitude.

It is the most neglected corner of your home sweet home. Only mentioning the word ‘Store Room’ can give you jitters for cleaning or organizing it. But worry not, here are 3 organizing tips that can help you clean up and organize your Store Room without sweating mentally and physically. Let’s take a look:

1. Invest in Racks

Racks and shelves are the most important items for an organized storeroom. You can place items as per their use rack-wise. Also, you can dedicate one shelf for each member of the family and let everyone organize their own stuff.

For general items, keep a heavy duty rack separately so that you head straight for things when you need them. Also, put the most likely to be used items in the front area of your storeroom.

2. Tag Each Box

Pack items in boxes and tag each box so that you don’t have to scavenge through various items to find just one. Decorating items can go in one box, old toys in another (ideally they should be donated), books and papers should be kept in ventilated areas/boxes, and so on.

Dedicating boxes, containers and cartons also help imbibe organizing skills in family members as they clearly know where to keep what, without the need of just dumping it.

3. Ventilation and Dusting

Lastly, keep your storeroom well ventilated and dust the floor at least once or twice a month. An easy way to keep visiting your storeroom on a daily basis is by storing your children’s cricket kits, basketballs, rackets, yoga mats, etc. They’ll keep visiting the room which will help air to pass through and also keep reminding you to clean it up before the spiders weave more webs.

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