Planning The Baby's Nursery? Here's a Guide

(Image for representation purpose only)

(Image for representation purpose only)

Are you in for a nursery decor?

While pregnancy and preparing for parenthood is peppered with innumerable joys, setting up the baby’s nursery is among the most exciting. It is a fabulous time to bond with hubby dearest and plan for the baby’s clothes, toys, bed and what not.

Here are a few ideas to get started:

The Bed

In the initial months, the bed is where the baby will be spending a lot of time. Go for pastel shades, a cosy comfy mattress and some toys. Avoid overdoing blankets for the fear of SIDS

You may skip this if you plan to co-sleep with your baby!

The Essentials – Handy Tray

This is an absolute must. As new parents, managing a new baby can be challenging and overwhelming. Organize a handy tray with all the essentials required daily. Daddy-to-be can help put this together.

The Closet/Drawers

Even though it is likely to consume a majority of your waking hours, managing and arranging clothes can be interesting. There is so much variety, from little clothes, onesies, rompers, tees, (full sleeves & half sleeves) to dresses, shorts, socks, mittens et al.

The Toys and Lights

Babies are fascinated by toys and lights. But do try and keep the lighting minimal so that it doesn’t hurt your child’s eye. As far as toys are concerned, bright colours, squeaky toys can help in keeping your baby engaged and entertained! Don’t go overboard though.

Don’t worry too much if you can’t do it all right before your baby arrives! That’s the fun thing about parenting - your needs and tastes will evolve very fast!

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