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Snapping Ties with Toxic Relationships reclaim Mental Health: Experts

Are toxic relationships pushing you towards therapy?

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| Contributor Content| UPDATED: March 15, 2018, 12:14 PM IST
Snapping Ties with Toxic Relationships reclaim Mental Health: Experts Representative Image: Getty Images
Toxic relationships including with your parents, siblings, cousins, friends or significant others can deteriorate your mental health while you get victimized consciously or subconsciously. To reclaim mental health and regain mental peace, psychologists suggest that snapping ties with toxic people is the only way out. Ideally toxic people need therapy to clear their sick mindset; however, they are the ones who never accept that they need help. But, due to their consistent gaslighting and mental abuse, they push others towards therapy.

Here are a few behaviours that you should check out before deciding to delete some people from your life:

1. Gaslighting

Gaslighting is a highly emotional abuse that is ironically a very common trait of toxic people. Gaslighting is a manipulation in which you fall prey to snide comments all the time, unwarranted criticism & blatant lies that make you question your own sanity.

2. Drama

Toxic people feed off drama. They create scenes wherever they go. Be it with the cab driver for overcharging 2 rupees, passing sarcastic comments at vendors for no reason, complaining at the school or gym without much logic, or striking an argument with just anyone. They create such situations more than often, consistently, where you would like to just hide and want to disassociate with them.

3. Judgemental

These people always don the hat of being too judgemental all the time. They form negative opinions of not just you but everyone around, without any logic. You would find them continuously bad mouthing others.

4. More Talking, Less Listening

Toxic people talk more about themselves, they will complain, whine, share their problems with you. However, they’ll have zero time to listen to your problems or even general talk.

5. Time Suckers

Besides being energy vampires, toxic people are time suckers too. They disregard the importance of your time.

6. Substance Abuse

Now this one can suck the life out of you, some toxic people have unresolved addiction issues and the worst part is that they’ll blame it on others including you.

7. Victim Card

Lastly, toxic people know how to play the victim card well. For any drama that they instigate, any relationship failures, any accident, or anything said against them, they’ll uphold others for being the perpetrators and pose themselves at the receiving end.
First Published: March 15, 2018, 12:14 PM IST


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