Spare 10 Minutes for Mindful Parenting

Representative Image: ©Jen Grantham / Istock.com

Representative Image: ©Jen Grantham / Istock.com

Be a good parent while keeping up with your physical health.

Once you become a mother, there’s no one who can take your kid’s place. They become your #1 priority; even when shopping for yourself, you end up buying things for them; and your me-time schedules too are made keeping their scheds in mind.

Although the life of a mother surrounds around her kids, but how much quality time do we really give to our young ones. The consequences of not so mindful parenting clearly show in kids spending hours in front of the idiot box and playing games or surfing videos on Smartphones.

Finding time for self and for kids are two issues women feel guilty about all the time. However, by just sparing 10 minutes towards one fun-filled activity that your child and you enjoy, can give you time to bond with your child and boost the energy levels at your place, while keeping up with your physical or mental health.

1. Dance

It could be a quick dance on her favorite number to pump some endorphins. Dancing involves your entire body and music is a healer that relaxes brain, body and muscles.

2. Walk

Go around the block for a quick brisk walk. It will help your child to build endurance and soothe your tensed muscles.

3. Basketball

Playing basketball involves your entire body as well as brain to chase, dribble and basket the ball! This is one exercise that can leave you gasping, but for good.

Similarly, to reclaim your calmness, you can engage yourself in creative pursuits with your child like:

1. Board Game

Playing a quick board game like carom board, scrabble or a round of chess can get your brain gymming and revive it from daily chaos.

2. Bake

Baking does not require much prep time and can be made a part of your healthy snacking menu. Bake oatmeal cookies, idlis or a fruit cake and engage your little one.

3. Paint

If painting is your forte, get a canvas, colors and brushes. Keep 10 minutes of paint time with your child painting a big picture that will take about a week to complete.

Jot down your own ideas of fun and bonding with your child, it could be anything that connects you and him.

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