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Successful Tips to Help Children Retain Their Lessons

One has to understand that every child is unique and has a different learning style.

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| Contributor Content| UPDATED: October 13, 2017, 11:51 AM IST
Successful Tips to Help Children Retain Their Lessons Now, Log Into Your PC With Heart Scans (Photo courtesy: AP)
Children have a very good memory but generally our kids are able to retain only the topics that interest them. They spend their time in the school learning new concepts every day. Some they are able to retain, some they forget. It is important to understand that every child is unique and has a different learning style. Some learn more through writing, while some learn by orally rehearsing the same. Here are some simple tips for parents that they can use to help their children retain their text lessons:

1) Be Consistent

Everyday fix a time which will be for learning and completing the home work. Even if its 1 hour every day, this needs to be consistent.

2) Sit with Your Child

Be with your child and spend some time to understand how they want to learn. Some children learn and retain more when they write lessons.

3) Give Examples

Giving examples and relating the lessons to real life or showing a visual helps children to understand the topic and retain it for long.

4) Simple Language

Sometimes the language used in class or lesson may be difficult to understand or intercept for children. Translate it into your own way to help children understand the concept and make it more relatable.

5) Use Songs/Drawing

As mentioned above, every child has a unique way of learning. For e.g. – teaching parts of a plant to a child – may become simpler if its taught by drawing / find a song or make up a song that has parts of plant. The goal is that child should be able relate to what he is leaning

6) Group Study

If you have same age kids living nearby, it helps when children study together. It’s easier to study and learn things when they have some company.

7) Revision

This is very important, as this seals the lesson in the minds. Ask random questions and answers to understand if they have understood the concept.

At the same time, never bribe your children for studying, the more natural it is, more rewarding it will be always.
First Published: September 22, 2017, 11:05 AM IST


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