The Most Effective Way to De-Clutter Your Home!

Representative Image: Getty Images

Representative Image: Getty Images

Instant de-cluttering tips for a maintained home!

De-cluttering is an activity where you remove/discard things that serve no use or purpose in your life. However, the very thought of de-cluttering your home could be overwhelming and puts you in a dilemma from where to start. The best way to start de-cluttering your entire home is by moving from one room to the other. Here are few things you can just put away room-wise without any second thoughts for effective and instant de-cluttering.

1. Start with Your Living Room

Your living room is the most important room of your home and is usually easy to de-clutter. Start with old magazines and newspapers. Remove burnt out candles or incense sticks. Look out for chargers and cords that are lying extra. And do not forget to pick extra cushions or change old covers or rugs.

2. Move to the Bed Rooms

Now, this is the most tiring one, but you can simply start drawer by drawer or shelf by shelf to get going. You can start with de-cluttering your kids’ belongings first.

i. Organize your kid’s books and stack the ones that they are not taking to school these days.

ii. Trash all broken toys and pieces of art and craft that are either obsolete or empty.

iii. Remove games with missing pieces, they cannot be put to use.

iv. Trash socks that have lost their pair or clothes that are short or deformed (undergarments, socks, towels that have tattered)

v. Remove old belts, ties and worn out shoes and slippers.

Repeat this exercise in your cabinet too.

Now move to your TV Cabinet and trash all movies that you are not going to watch anymore, any CDs/DVDs that have developed scratches, keep the DVD player inside if you don’t use it too often. Trash restaurant bills, ATM slips, Debit Card/Credit Card customer copies, old or expired coupons, any magazines, newspapers, etc and keep all warranty cards and important bills in a filer.

For your make-up cabinet, start with empty or dried nail-paints, remove expired lipsticks and other cosmetics. Remove old perfume or deo bottles that have nothing left. Throw away all clips, clutchers, earrings, junk jewellery or bands that have worn out (even if a bit). Arrange nail-clips, tweezers, black-head remover and other usable tools in a single box and line up good-to-use bottles and cosmetics in your dressing chest.

3. The Wash Rooms

One place that gives solace and much-required solitude is your washroom and it should be a welcoming place. Remove old toothbrushes, empty bottles of detergents, soaps and cleaning agents; towels that look like rags; old magazines and newspapers; and anything that you’ve not used in your bathroom in the last 3 months.

4. Kitchen

Last but not the least, your kitchen is where you spend at least 1/3rd of your day. Scavenge for all things expired, little ketchup and seasoning sachets, broken utensils or plastics, take out menus of nearby restaurants, tattered pieces of clothes supposed for cleaning, etc. Keep only those tiffins, water bottles and utensils in your view that you use every single day.

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