Time Management Skills to Effectively Utilize Exam Time

Representational image (Reuters)

Representational image (Reuters)

A few last minute tips you can share with your child to help him shine!

Time management skills during an exam are crucial to score well. While most of the children prepare well for exams, it is often how they attempt the question paper that makes a big difference in their marks. As the final exams begin this week, here are a few last minute tips you can share with your child to do well in her exam:

1. Pre-Exam Preparation

Preparatory holidays for the examination must comprise of practicing past papers or mock tests. It will make your child familiar with the exam pattern and s/he’ll know what to expect in the exam paper. Also, your child would adjust himself on completing the paper within the stipulated 3 hours if s/he practices mock tests. This is the perfect time for speed training.

2. Planning

CBSE has recently recommended schools to give initial 15 minutes time to examinees just to understand the question paper and plan accordingly. The importance of planning to attempt your paper is paramount. 90% students make the mistake of attempting their paper sequentially. However, as per experts, you must attempt the questions that are quick, easy and on your tips. The first one hour should be spent on pouring your knowledge in the answer sheet, so that you have enough time for descriptive, lengthy and difficult part of the paper, later.

3. Speed Matters

Once you know what you would be doing first, you need to speed up however without confusing yourself. Also, your speed must not jeopardize good handwriting. Write clearly, precisely and patiently without jumping to next question while attempting the current one.

4. Review

The last 15-30 minutes must be spent on reviewing your paper. It’s time to don the hat of an examiner and critically look at your answers. Make changes, corrections if need be.

5. Focus

Lastly, during the examination your child must focus on his exam paper only. Guide him not to look at others as it will first waste his time and secondly may also land him in trouble. Secondly, your child must have a healthy protein-rich breakfast before leaving for exam so that hunger pangs don’t strike at the wrong time. Thirdly, he must drink adequate water however not so much that he has to go to the washroom during the exam time. S/he must pay a visit to the washroom before the exam to avoid any interruption.

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