Want to be a Smart Grocery Shopper? Try these Tips

 (Photo courtesy: AFP Relaxnews/  Steve Debenport/ Istock.com)

(Photo courtesy: AFP Relaxnews/ Steve Debenport/ Istock.com)

Here are 5 tips to effectively make every rupee count and respect your earnings.

Everyone wants to save money. The adage ‘Money Saved is Money Earned’ holds true and it’s not prudent to spend more on essential food items when you can actually save your hard earned cash by being a Smart Grocery Shopper. Here are 5 tips to effectively make every rupee count and respect your earnings:

1. Create a List & Stick to It

The first step of grocery shopping starts at your home before you leave for the Supermart. Check the items you already have and then make a list of things you need for the next week or fortnight. You can create an organized checklist by making bucket lists like kitchen essentials, washroom and cleaning supplies, fruits and vegetables, and other miscellaneous items. Stick to your list to avoid impulse buying.

While creating your list, you’ll enormously cut down on unhealthy and just wishful items like wafers, chips, nachos, cold drinks and so on.

2. Check Flyers & Discounts

Before you head straight to the aisle, look at the discounts and deals that are currently on offer. Figure out if anything matches to your shopping list and buy accordingly. Also, look out for any loyalty programs offered in your regular grocery store or switch to the one that does.

3. Basket or Cart?

Do not carry a basket if you need just 2-3 items and do not carry a cart if you need 5 to 6. Getting a small carrier saves you from buying anything extra that you may not ideally need.

4. Limit your Outings

Limit your trips to the grocery store just once in a week to avoid burning money on fuel and wasting time. Also, it’s better to find a factory-outlet or wholesale shop that offers grocery items at heavily discounted prices and go for a once-in-a-month grocery shopping.

5. Analyze

Lastly, do not forget to analyze your bills. Highlight the high-price items and the non-essentials in different colors to figure out if you really need them. People save around 20% of their monthly grocery bills just by cutting down on unhealthy and non-essentials items.

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