What is a Helicopter Parent And How to Identify One?

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Born out of the fears and worries!

Parenting is overwhelming and it becomes entirely tough when the world seems to judge everything you do. Friends and family have constant updates or new advice always for your parenting. As parents, we want to keep our children safe from any hurdles of life but over interference can be a limitation for you and your children.

So, what is a helicopter parent?

The term ‘helicopter parent’ first appeared in 1969 in the book Between Parent & Teenager by Dr. Haim Ginott.

A helicopter parent is a parenting style where the parent decides every behavior and decision of the child. Right from what she has to wear to, who she makes friend with, what hobbies a child takes – a parent seems to decide everything on behalf of the children. Parents keep hovering over their children and have a suggestion for even simple things of their life and children are not allowed or cannot take decisions.

Warning signs that you are a helicopter parent–

1. You do all the home work yourself

2. You want to interfere in fights and arguments of your children

3. You want a continues tab on how your children are doing at school

4. You don’t let children do any household chores

5. You don’t let them solve any problems themselves

6. You always give them a solution before letting the child try themselves

7. You feed your children yourself and dictate how much they eat every time

8. You don’t allow them to make any choices

9. You always have to sit in between of your children’s friends and pretend to talk like their friends

Why You Must Avoid to be a Helicopter Parent?

1. Life Skills

When children are continually told what is to be done, they become dependent and cannot do things on their own. They find it tough going through any tough situation. They lack life skills and are not equipped in handling situations life brings.

2. Overanxious

Since a child is always accompanied by their parent, he feels over anxious in their absence. Children may feel stress and anxiety in absence of their parents but they soon adjust to the new atmosphere however a child whose been brought up by helicopter parents feels nervous or clueless when left alone amidst other kids.

3. Low Self Esteem

Since helicopter parents are so involved in every task of their child, the child feels scared or unconfident when he/she needs do something alone. They always want their parents to be by their side, in absence of which they feel low self-esteem due to lack of confidence in their own skills.

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