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What Kind Of An Animal Parent Are You?

Representative Image: ©Jen Grantham /

Representative Image: ©Jen Grantham /

What‘s your parenting style like?

Parenting inspiration comes from the most unusual places. We turned to the animal kingdom for some. What‘s your style like?


If you focus on developing a practical approach towards life in your kids, you belong to the feline dynasty. When your child is hit by another kid in the park, you teach your kid to fight back instead of coming back home crying.


If you are the kind of parent who coaches their children more on social skills like greeting everyone they meet, then you undoubtedly belong to the elephantine legacy. You are always a tad bit more protective about your kids.


A canine parent is particular about checking everything very carefully – the ingredients of the detergent, the temperature of the milk, if the kids have kicked off their blanket in sleep… she is constantly watching and monitoring.


Monkey are very high on energy and playful throughout the day. If you are a monkey parent. you are the kind to allow chores take a back seat just because play is equally important.


Parents belonging to the avian family walk shoulder to shoulder with their spouse – whether it is feeding the children, selecting the right school or taking them on family trips. They have an equal share of expenses, and the rights to decide.


The alligator parent does not appear very warm or mushy… not the kind that will cuddle. But the alligator parent is sure to equip their child with all life skills – pushing for excellence in making their life prospects better is a constant endeavor.

So, what kind of an Animal parent are you?

Author Bio: Prisha Lalwani is a BabyChakra Momstar and a trained counseling psychologist.

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