Why Couples Must Work Out Together?

Representative Image: © BraunS/Istock.com

Representative Image: © BraunS/Istock.com

Reasons to hit the Gym with him!

Various studies around the globe have proven that working out in a group lets individuals burn more calories and stick to their work-out regimes better than those who venture solo. And for couples, who could be a better partner than their life-companion? Here are seven reasons that reinstate the idea that couples must work-out together:

1. Happiness Hormones

As per a study conducted by University of Oxford, endorphins released from work-out during group training were appreciably higher than their proportion during individual training.

2. Burn More

Science says you burn more calories when you work out together, the reason could be competitiveness or accountability towards your fitness goals when your partner is watching you.

3. Better Schedule Adjustment

It is easy to adjust your schedule according to your partner. When your significant other is your workout buddy too, he/she understands the time when you have to call it a day or wake-up the next morning.

4. Better Diet Management

Total fitness cannot be achieved at the gym, only; it takes you to eat a well-balanced healthy diet too. When couples stride on their mission-fitness together, food adjustments and diet management comes naturally. It’s easy to prepare as well as stick to diets and healthy eating when living under the same roof.

5. We-Time

Working out together gives you the quintessential we-time, besides attuning you both through nonverbal communication. Life in metros leaves not much time for personal interaction if you try to fit in fitness in your Monday to Friday schedule. However, going together could give you the much-needed togetherness.

6. Better Sex

Couples, who work out (whether together or not) enjoy better sex life due to physical endurance and strength. And when you have common goals while working out together, the enigma is visible in your bedroom too.

7. Shared Purpose

Couples are often seen struggling for common goals in life once the rosy picture of marriage fades after initial one or two years. Working out together can give you one of the most important shared purposes of life – Health, Fitness and Well-being!

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