Why is it Essential to Create Good Childhood Memories for Your Kids

Representative Image (Photo courtesy: AFP Relaxnews/ monkeybusinessimages/ Istock.com)

Representative Image (Photo courtesy: AFP Relaxnews/ monkeybusinessimages/ Istock.com)

As they grow, they recall their childhood days.

As parents, right from the time, when you come to know that you are expecting, you prepare the best for your child. You try and give them the best that is possible in your capacity and some times even go above and beyond your financial limits, but do children really remember all as they grow up ? Well let us show you how, according to experts, you can create great childhood memories to make your children cherish your parenting, as they grow and recall their childhood days:

1. Experiences Make Memories

You may get lot of gifts for your children, may be go out on weekends for movies or get regular ice creams, but more than your material gifts, it’s your presence that is what matters at the end. When they look back at their childhood days, they will remember the experiences and memories you all made together. Click lot of photographs which you can cherish together later.

2. Complete Attention

Every time you keep your electronic devices away to spend time with your children, you score a memory that is very special. Children love complete attention and they want someone to talk to who is completely focused in their matters.

3. Be the Encourager

Be the first and foremost encourager for your children as the first source of any motivation and inspiration should come from parents. Encourage them to look at the bright side of life always and show them how to handle situations. Children always remember a parent’s words and take pride to often cite them in different situations as they grow up.

4. Facilitate Your Child

When faced with a tricky situation, don’t try to solve your kid’s problems yourself. This will cripple them and make them dependent on you. Instead show examples. Give your examples of how you handled the situation and let them decide. Children remember and appreciate your role as a facilitator as they grow up as mature decision makers.

5. Respecting Your Spouse

This probably is one of the most important memories that children take into their adulthood. It’s quite important that partners show their mutual love, respect and help each other. Do not use abusive words or actions. It comes natural to children to respect their parents as they age, when they have seen their parents show respect to each other.

  • First Published: November 21, 2017, 18:40 IST
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