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5 Best Places to Camp in the ‘Scotland of India’ - Coorg

Would you like a nice long break away from the hustle bustle of the city?

| Contributor Content| UPDATED: June 30, 2018, 1:00 PM IST
5 Best Places to Camp in the ‘Scotland of India’ - Coorg Image: Instagram/karnataka_focus

1. Western Ghats

A trekking and camping experience that takes you to explore the raw and natural environment around the Western Ghats is ideal for nature and wildlife enthusiasts. Trekking in this area is moderate and can be covered in 3 to 4 hours after which you’re free to explore the wild. There are many camp organizers that offer an unforgettable camping experience in the wild beauty of Western Ghats in Coorg.

2. Gonikoppa

Located 270 kms from Bengaluru, a camping experience at Gonikoppa is a perfect escapade from the humdrum of busy city life. The camps are located amidst thick forests and the sight of the picturesque Brahmgiri ranges from the camp site is absolutely stunning. Apart from camping, other activities that you can indulge in include trekking, stream walking and jungle gym.

3. Virajpet

Situated in the lap of nature, amidst coffee and areca nut plantations, Virajpet offers various indoor and outdoor activities to choose from. Activities include trekking, rifle shooting, campfire, grouping up to play cricket, badminton, volleyball, etc. Camping at Virajpet brings you near to nature and simultaneously gives you the opportunity of trying authentic Coorg cuisine.

4. Madikeri

Campsite is indefinable to us, but some of you say it is a Eco friendly, off-grid campsite with our unique ‘Nature glamping’ fully equipped Tents. We are set in a beautiful Coffee and Palm Plantation with open campfires, in the heart of Coorg. Like we say we have tents and trees and if you dont like it… you are not yet there. We make experiences and are set apart within nature giving solitude and privacy from the outside world. In all it’s those simple pleasures that make this such a great campsite, independently of the pleasant attractions nearby. It’s an easy cycle to the old villages in Coorg. while a drive to the spectacular natural park nearby provides an endless list of outdoor activities to try. But while these exploratory day-trips reveal the place to be anything but a desert, there’s something just as charming about a lazy afternoon back at base, frolicking by our Pond and enjoying the ever present necessity of the Greenness. We have enough trees to keep you breathing for lifetime. Our camp welcomes you throughout the year, however from June 1st to February is the best. Of course the visit depends of the weather conditions. The campsite is approximately 90 kilometers away from Mysore and 5 hour drive from Bangalore For enquiries email us at hello@notonthemap.in Call us at +917406171105;+917907460427 WhatsApp us at +919446153494 #camp #campsite #banglorediaries #bangalore #weekendgetaway #weekenddestination #moodygrams #keralagram #camping #campfire #trekking #coorgcamping #wanderlust #travelporn #holiday #theweeknd #traveller #beautifull #picoftheday #instalike #instatravel #instatrip #instagood #instago #travel #honeymoon

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Trekking cum camping experience at Madikeri, which is located on the eastern slopes of the Western Ghats, gives you a glimpse into the local life of the area. It is also a paradise for coffee lovers as coffee is locally grown and a wide variety is available. The camp offers various adventurous activities like zip lining, rappelling, trekking, etc.

5. Kushalnagar

Kushalnagar is located 34 kms from Madikeri, amidst beautiful coffee plantations. The camping experience here has something for everyone as it offers a plethora of activities including cycling, trekking, rope activities, sightseeing of landmark monuments, etc.
First Published: June 30, 2018, 1:00 PM IST


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