5 Most Common Travel Scams Every Traveller Must Know

Image for representational purpose only (Photo courtesy: Getty Images)

Image for representational purpose only (Photo courtesy: Getty Images)

Stay away from trouble.

So your travel plans have been set, bags packed and you will be soon heading to your destination to explore the scenic beauty, to experience the local culture, to see the popular sites but what about travel scams?

Let us take you through 5 most common travel scams that have been time and again pointed as well as encountered by travellers across the globe.

1. Taxi/Rickshaw Meter Down

The most common travel scam that local taxi/rickshaw drivers cheat travelers is by saying ‘meter down’. Well, the meter always works in favor of your pocket and hence you must travel in a rickshaw or cab whose meter is in perfectly working condition.

2. Fake WiFis

In this technologically empowered world, free WiFi is an add-on every hotel gives to travellers. However, the existence of fake WiFi’s is on a constant rise. Online hackers set-up free Wifi hotspots with same names and then could take full access of your online activity. Always ask your hotel operator the official hotspot if you spot more than one.

3. Rental Car/Bike Damages

With the rise in self-driven cars and bikes’ availability at tourist places, spats between travellers and car/bike rental companies over damages/repairs to the vehicles are a usual travel scam. Always ensure you click photographs of the car or bike you are taking on rent and if you find any problems, notify them immediately and take them in written before you leave with the vehicle.

4. Aid at ATM

When you are in a foreign land, stay clear of anyone who appears too friendly near an ATM. If you are stuck, the best solution is to take help from the ATM security guard and visit the ATM during the day and amidst a populated market only.

5. Beware of Beggars

From developed to developing to under-developed countries, beggars can be found everywhere. And the best policy for a traveller is to handover any food item but to never give cash to beggars, reason being while you are taking out your wallet and donating a dollar or rupee, there’s another pickpocket who could be watching you from a distance. Thereby, do not invite someone’s attention to your wallet or in other words, do not invite trouble, ignore and move on.

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