5 Stunning Trails to Introduce Yourself to Trekking

Image for representational purpose only (Photo courtesy: Getty Images)

Image for representational purpose only (Photo courtesy: Getty Images)

A list of 5 treks in India that are easy for beginners

Trekking is not just a rejuvenating experience but it also improves physical and mental health. If you wish to be a trekker and are delving on where to start, then here’s a list of 5 treks in India that are easy for beginners and exude beauty, besides teaching you most crucial life skills like a team effort, participation and self-dependence!

1. Tadiandamol

The easy trail at Tadiandamol passes through Shola forests and vast grasslands and plantations of coffee, cardamom and pepper along with clean streams of water beside picturesque views. You’ll need about 3 days to past this 5,740 ft, the highest peak in Coorg, Karnataka. Explore from September to February, to enjoy the most!

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2. Bhrigu Lake

Bhrigu Lake in Manali can render an amazing Himalayan trekking beginners experience during spring-summer and autumn. The trek will need minimum 4 days and will take you through snow-covered mountains, vast expanses of grasslands, apple orchards and the breathtaking picturesque views of Lahaul, Pir Panjal and Dhauladhar mountains.

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3. Deoria Tal - Chandrashila

This all-season trek in Uttarakhand is most beautiful during winter, spring or autumn. The trek is easy and won’t exhaust you. You’ll enjoy the natural beauty of the thick green forests and various flora and fauna that flock the terrain. Also, this trek leads to the Chandrashila Summit, the view of the soaring mountains from this Summit is absolutely breathtaking. You’ll need minimum 6 days to complete it.

Credit: @Itisha Jain

4. Kedarkantha

Swamped with campsites, Kedarkantha in Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand is a fun yet great learning experience. The joy of cooking and collecting dried wood while singing and dancing around the bonfire renders memories of a lifetime. The trek passes through a vast expanse of forests, floored with pine cones. And if snow is what you seek, then try this trek during winters. 6 days is what you’ll need to complete this trek.

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5. Har ki Doon

Suitable for all seasons, Har ki Doon in Uttarakhand is captivating as it takes you through hills, past the beautiful Supin river and charms with the simplistic countryside. This trek not just brings you close to nature but also helps explore cultural diversity. The snow-capped trek is the same route that the Pandavas walked on to get to heaven! You’ll need at least 9 days to trek past Har ki Doon.

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