Here's Why You Must Travel With Your Kids Often

Image for representational purpose only (Photo courtesy: AFP Relaxnews/ ArtMarie / Istock.com)

Image for representational purpose only (Photo courtesy: AFP Relaxnews/ ArtMarie / Istock.com)

Travelling together is also about learning life lessons!

Travelling with kids ain’t easy, however, as per psychologists you must travel to farther lands with your kids and that too often. Travelling makes your family come closer. The everyday humdrum of life doesn’t let you bond with your children. While you may ask ‘how was your day?’ or help your child with homework each day, however, to engage with each other better you need space where you are not bothered by working in the kitchen or office, doing the daily chores, putting kids to sleep and all the jazz everyday routine needs. Also, beyond engagement, travelling to diverse places helps children become future ready. One day they’ll leave home for higher studies or careers, here’s how childhood travels prepare them for taking the solo plunge:

1. Instils Confidence & Respect for Others

We all live in close-knit circles of loving people, but while travelling our children learn how to behave with complete strangers; strangers of other lands, of other cultures. It helps them give respect, understand and behave well with people who they are not acquainted with. And all of this has a domino effect on their confidence too.

2. Dispels Fear

Children who are well travelled don’t fear from moving to new places. They get acquainted to the very idea of not being settled in one place. They can far more easily adapt to new arrangements than individuals who’ve never explored cross cultures. It makes them truly social.

3. Sharing Life Lessons

Travel is often the best time to share life lessons with your children. Being at a new place under the supervision of an adult gives your child the best environment to deal with vulnerability.

If you cannot afford frequent travels to far-flung places or on the other side of international borders, then take your children to a mosque, a church, a gurudwara, a temple, a monastery or a synagogue. Make friends with people from South India, North India, East India or West India and make family picnic plans together. Knowing new people if not places will also help them immensely.

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