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How I Made My Travel Fun And Safe During Pregnancy And After That

For the most part, traveling while pregnant is not a big deal.

| Womenontheirowntrip.com| UPDATED: October 5, 2017, 9:02 AM IST
How I Made My Travel Fun And Safe During Pregnancy And After That Representative Image: Shibani Vig
I had just launched my company – Wonderful World – and bam, I got pregnant! So essentially I began traveling with my son when he was still in my tummy.

Not wanting this small detail to affect my plans – I lugged my 5-month protruding belly to the Andaman Islands for a research trip.

You just had to see the faces of the people who saw me on the roads – not only was I alone, but I was pregnant and alone - my husband and family must have abandoned me for sure or perhaps I was fleeing as far away as I could possibly get from some sordid scandal!

Now I insist on traveling by local transport wherever I go and I didn’t want to make an exception this time round. So I am standing in line waiting to buy a ferry ticket from Port Blair to Havelock and no fewer than 5 men felt the need to walk up to me and ask – “aap yahhan kya kar rahi hain?” and “Aap akelee hain?”. “Aapke husband ya papa kahan hain?” Even a stern “aap apna business mind keejiye,” in reply had no effect - this was their business!

We had our first international adventure when my son Krishna was 11 months old. Originally my plan was to have Krishna travel to twice the number of countries as was his age. But that plan soon came a cropper when he turned two and I had to start paying his airfare.

But on that first trip, he was young enough to fly free and I was well equipped with a mother’s best friend – the baby carrier. I had spent half a lifetime giving dirty looks to parents with wailing babies on every form of transportation imaginable and being a nasty B___tch all round! And now I was pretty sure that all that bad karma was going to reverse course with a vengeance and bring me my just desserts. But Krishna was a star – after stuffing himself he promptly slept off, letting me relax and even drink one glass of wine more than I should have!

Now when you travel with the baby carrier – you get used to doing everything with that on and the baby in it. But not without trial or tribulation; food is consumed on top of the babies head – half in your mouth and half on him and you hope that he sleeps through the deluge.
And then there are the bathroom visits (another reason why you don’t drink that extra glass of wine!). No woman was involved in the design of Airplane lavatories for sure because they are tiny. How tiny is only something you realize when you use them with a baby strapped to you!

We are off to Greece soon and after that Krishna starts school!

Author: Shibani Vig, Founder, Wonderful World Getaways
First Published: October 5, 2017, 9:02 AM IST


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