Top 7 Weekend Getaways for the Beach Lovers in Bangalore!

Representative Image. (Photo courtesy: AP)

Representative Image. (Photo courtesy: AP)

Beaches near Bangalore so you can soak up on sun and sand.

1. Malpe Beach

Lying west of Udupi, Malpe beach is a popular tourist destination owing to the gorgeous picture it paints before the eyes with the waves colliding against each other and the tall palm trees along the shore.

2. Kaup Beach

Lying in the coastal town of Udupi, the Kaup beach captivates you with its peaceful silence, picturesque view of the waves dancing to the tune of the wind and an absolutely old-world charm of the lighthouse standing tall on its shore.

3. Om Beach

Located in the Hindu pilgrimage town of Gokarna, this exquisite yet peaceful beach swarmed with coconut trees gets its name as it is shaped like the symbol of ‘Om’.

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4. Devbagh Beach

An exotic beach of sorts, Devbagh Beach is a must visit destination if you’re looking to spend quality time with yourself, and just relax as it doesn’t offer any commercial activities. It also gives you a glimpse of the traditional lifestyle prevalent in this region - simplicity at its best!

5. Karwar Beach

Amidst Karwar’s picturesque beauty, lies this enchanting beach which is not just clean but also has a variety of water sports for the visitors.

6. Panambur Beach

Located near the new Mangalore Port, the Panambur beach is famous for the annual kite festival held in April every year and makes for a stunning beach experience in the city.

7. Elliot’s Beach

Elliot’s beach in Chennai offers a clean surrounding for the beach lovers and houses a wide array of eateries offering multi-cuisine delicacies.

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