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Travel Hacks from a Supermodel-Businesswoman who is Always on-the-go!

Making your travel easy and fun!

| Contributor Content| UPDATED: January 3, 2018, 3:49 PM IST
Travel Hacks from a Supermodel-Businesswoman who is Always on-the-go! Photo courtesy: AFP Relaxnews/ stock_colors/ Istock.com
Elle Macpherson is one name that inspires awe for her age-defying looks and great body. The Australian supermodel, actor and businesswoman is always on-the-go, where she has to look great even after a long haul or days of continuous travelling. Here are a few travel hacks or rather beauty travel hacks that Elle swears by:

1. Plan Your Time in Flight

You must plan ahead what you wish to do during your flight. It could be clearing your inbox or watching a movie. As per Macpherson, knowing what you intend to do during the day is the key differentiator.


2. A Long Run or Workout

For overnight flights, Macpherson suggests to engage in a workout before you take off. It could be a long run, boxing or a tiring workout, you must sweat out to get your endorphins running.

3. The Essentials

For the in-flight beauty regime, Macpherson carries a serum and a day cream. For overnights, she vouches for an eye cream. And to kill the chill, she carries a cashmere sweater.

4. The Wardrobe

Macpherson truly believes in being a girl next door while travelling. A pair of jeans, t-shirt and trainers is her go-to in flight wardrobe, however, Macpherson shares that she changes her trainers to high heel boots once she arrives at her destination.


5. Once In-Flight

Once the supermodel enters her cabin, the first thing that she would take is her Green Supplements and that too a double dose. The motive is to fuel yourself with great nutrients that help you fight jet lag.

6. The Make-up

The businesswoman likes to keep things minimal. Its mostly about moisturizing and hydrating her skin, but a little lip gloss adds the requisite glam.

7. Kick-off

Macpherson shares that depending on the time, she likes to go running around her new surroundings to ward-off jet lag and kick-off her plans, almost immediately!

First Published: January 3, 2018, 3:49 PM IST



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