Travel with Your Vitamins and Health Supplements for a Pumped-Up Holiday

Representative image. (Courtesy: AFP)

Representative image. (Courtesy: AFP)

Here are 3 ways you can travel with your meds and enjoy your vacation to the fullest!

Not just Health freaks but an average Indian is usually on some Vitamins either recommended by his doctor or health specialists. Vitamins could be either recommended for specific body parts like eyes or bones, or for general health. These tiny little supplements keep you thriving with good health and great energy levels. However, when it comes to travelling, these are the first ones to be forgotten. The same goes for eye-drops. Here are 3 ways you can travel with your vitamins to enjoy pumped-up holidays with high-energy and strong immune system. Caution: If you are traveling abroad, then you must check with medication guidelines of the country you are visiting, to avoid any hassles at the airport security checks.

1. Carry Small Packs

Most of the people buy large packs of vitamins and health supplements as these are cost-effective. However, carrying big bottles or large packs of supplements is not feasible during travel time. Buy small packs or strips of your recommended vitamins and minerals supplements and fit them in your bag.

2. Buy at the Destination

Another popular option with domestic travelers is to buy your vitamin tabs at your travel destination. However, this option runs with the risk of not finding the exact manufacturer. You can always check with local chemists over the phone before leaving for your journey.

3. Carry an Organizer

If you are traveling domestic, then you can carry a pill organizer and arrange your daily recommendation of supplements in an effective way. However, if you are traveling abroad, then you must keep the package on and avoid attracting any suspicion. Opt for a multi-strips pill organizer if you’ll be away for more than a week or stack double dozes in single compartments.

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