Kumkum Bhagya: Alia Conspires A Deadly Plan For Disha

Representative Image: Youtube grab/ Kumkum Bhagya

Representative Image: Youtube grab/ Kumkum Bhagya

September 26th episode written update for you.

Kumkum Bhagya September 26th Episode starts with everyone dancing on the tunes of Radha Teri Chunri. Dadi feels overwhelmed with the happiness floating inside the house. Dadi asks Pragya and Disha to keep the happiness alive in the house and who so ever will gift her a grandchild first will be her favorite Bahu. Meanwhile, there’s a hooded man looking inside from the window.

Alia is miffed and takes out a bottle of poison from her purse. Tanu says that she won’t let Alia commit suicide. Alia asks Tanu to Shut Up and tells her that this is for Disha. And she will ensure that Disha drinks it tonight so her problem is fixed for good.

Abhi tells Purab that everyone is happy in the house due to him as he is there. He says that the credit goes to Fugi as on her request, he agreed to accompany him.

Pragya enters Alia’s room and Tanu tells her about Alia’s plan. She says if Disha dies tonight then all of Alia’s problems will come to an end. Tanu thanks Munni for bringing Disha in their home as now they will be easily able to finish Disha. Alia shows Munni the little bottle she wants to use to exterminate Disha forever. Munni tells her that she will become a murderer. Alia says that she’s not scared, she has done many big things in the past. Alia tells her that she will give this poison not only to Disha but to the entire family who’s busy celebrating their arrival.

Alia looks visibly psychic. Alia leaves the room to accomplish her mission. Pragya follows her. Pragya goes towards Alia to stop her but Disha arrives and calls her. Alia listens to their conversation and Disha tells Pragya that she should not have hidden Abhishek’s attack from her.

Pragya first decides about telling Alia that she is not Munni but then recalls of Chutka-Chutki and her promise to Munni that she won’t reveal her identity until Chutka-Chutki is out of Alia’s clutches.

Alia goes inside the kitchen and asks Robert to leave. She puts the venom in a drink. Pragya sees her and wants to stop her. Alia looks fearful and Pragya plans to scare Alia using her fear against her.

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