Kumkum Bhagya: Alia Recalls Disha Intoxicating Her Last Night

Image courtesy: Youtube grab from Kumkum Bhagya

Image courtesy: Youtube grab from Kumkum Bhagya

10th October episode written update for you.

In the latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya, Tanu opens the door and walks inside Alia’s room. She finds Alia sleeping. Pragya and Disha successfully hide while Tanu looks around suspiciously. Tanu gets annoyed at Alia for sleeping carefree and tries to wake her up by loudly calling out her name. Daasi comes and scolds her. Daasi threatens her to go and sleep in her room otherwise she will have to pay the price for disturbing everyone’s sleep.

Tanu wonders why Alia did not wake up. Disha and Pragya continue their search for property papers. Pragya fails to find the papers anywhere in the room. Disha returns to her room and Purab questions where she had gone. Disha tells him that she had gone to fetch water.

Pragya cries in her room and recalls Alia and Tanu’s words. She apologizes to Abhi’s photograph.

Sun rises and Alia wakes to a bad headache. She tries to recall if she just had a bad dream or someone was really there in her room last night. She finds things misplaced in her room. She tries to recall and realizes that it was Disha who made her inhale something forcibly.

She goes towards Disha and Purab’s room. Purab brings tea for Disha and wakes her up. They share the morning tea while ‘le jaye jane kahan hawaye’ plays in the background.

Disha thinks about telling everything to Purab but then recalls that Pragya had asked her not to reveal anything to anyone.

Alia comes to Disha’s room and asks her why she’s so scared to see her. Disha says that she wasn’t expecting her early in the morning in her room. Alia cross questions that what was she doing in her room last night. Disha insists that she wasn’t there in her room.

Alia grabs Disha by her neck. Purab comes and gets shocked. He scolds Alia to move away from Disha. Alia tells him that Disha had come to her room last night. He questions Alia why she’s looking so scared and what was she doing in her room that makes her scared from Disha. Alia asks him to question Disha about what she was doing there.

Purab says that Disha did not go to her room last night. Alia replies that maybe when he was sleeping, Disha slipped out. Purab tells her that he did not sleep last night, in fact, both of them did not sleep. And he doesn’t need to tell what they were doing. Alia fumes to see Purab getting close to Disha.

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