Kumkum Bhagya: Bubbly Slams Abhi’s Plans While There’s A New Ray of Hope for Disha

Representative Image: Youtube grab/ Kumkum Bhagya

Representative Image: Youtube grab/ Kumkum Bhagya

September 29 episode written update for you!

Kumkum Bhagya September 29 Episode starts with Purab and Disha entering their room. Purab seems lost and Disha asks if he is missing Bulbul. Disha shares Purab’s pain and tells him that she can understand his feelings as it is the greatest loss when someone loses a beloved. However, life cannot be spent with their memories. She asks Purab to give her the place he gave to Bulbul and she will love him back wholeheartedly and both of them would be able to spend life happily. Purab lightens her mood by saying that if she’ll carry on caring for him, then he will fall in love with her. Purab tells Disha that they might not celebrate their nuptial night tonight but they might just fall in love soon. Disha appreciates Purab’s honest confession and hopes for a new beginning.

Abhi and Pragya romantically dance on the terrace. Suddenly, Pragya sees someone and stops and tells Abhi that there was someone, Abhi says there was nobody. Abhi brings her back in the moment and carries her to their bedroom. They get intimate while Gerua plays in the background. Suddenly, someone switches on the light and both of them find that it’s bubbly, who’s come and asks if she can sleep in their room as mommy-daddy are snoring loudly. Abhi gets upset while bubbly sleeps between them. Abhi asks if mummy-daddy had to snore loudly today only.

Tanu keeps going to the washroom whole night and realizes that Mitali incidentally gave her the drink that was meant for Disha. Alia wakes up fresh in the morning thinking that Disha must be in bad shape by now. She finds Tanu lying on the couch, she tries to wake up Tanu and Tanu look visibly drained. She tells Alia that she spent the whole night in the washroom as she had consumed the drink. Alia gets infuriated thinking that Purab and Disha must have come close last night. She asks Tanu to accompany her downstairs, Tanu says that she is not in good shape and cannot even get up.

Pragya listens to their conversation from outside and says that what you sow is what you reap. Pragya then goes in Purab and Disha’s room to wake them up. She asks them to join everyone on the breakfast table. At the breakfast table, Mitali asks Tanu if she is fine? Tanu says she is. Tanu again feels the need to go to the washroom. Dasi says that you must take medicine, Pragya taunts that she’s taken medicine, that’s why she’s in this form. Alia hears Pragya’s words and looks for enraged.

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