Kumkum Bhagya: Disha Creates a Drama, Pragya Gets Into Alia’s Car

Representative Image: Youtube grab/ Kumkum Bhagya

Representative Image: Youtube grab/ Kumkum Bhagya

20th October episode written update for you.

In the October 20th episode of Kumkum Bhagya, Abhi is seen at the airport waiting for his delayed flight.

Pragya tells Disha that there’s still one hour for Alia and Tanu’s turn for registration. Pragya prays to God to show her the way and suddenly some books fall. Pragya finds Bulbul’s photograph disguised as a sardar. She gets the clue and plans to send Purab and Disha disguised as someone else and pick a fight with Raj, Alia and Tanu to distract them.

Abhi takes a selfie with his fan and a specky traveler falls in his arms. He tells her that her spectacles reminded him of his wife.

Alia’s advocate tells her that they’ve been put at the front in the registration line. Both of them decide to reach registration office in different cars.

Purab and Disha get dressed as a marvari couple. Alia, Tanu and Raj arrive at the registrar office and Purab gets in their way. He acts as if he’s been hit badly by their car. Alia asks Raj to ignore and just flee from the spot, but he gets down to pick the man. Disha hides her face under a veil and threatens them. She engages them and provokes the crowd.

Pragya gets in their car and tries to search papers.

Disha threatens to call police and Tanu and Alia curse Raj for the accident. Pragya sees a briefcase at the car’s backseat but is unable to find the key combination. Abhi calls Pragya and tells her that he’s missing her badly. Pragya talks to him and simultaneously tries to open the briefcase.

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