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Kumkum Bhagya: Pragya finally Gets To Meet Abhi And Is Back Home

Image courtesy: Youtube still/ Zee TV

Image courtesy: Youtube still/ Zee TV

Pragya challenges Alia to stop her from winning this game.

Kumkum Bhagya 20th September Episode starts with a scuffle between Tanu and Pragya, Alia arrives and asks Tanu that what is wrong with her language and Tanu tells her to ask Munni that where have her tattoos gone, how come she is acting like Pragya. Pragya just recalls that Alia had asked Munni to copy and imitate Pragya. Pragya tells the same to Alia but mistakenly spells her name correctly. Tanu is questioning her and she tries to clarify. Alia commends Munni for her change. Munni tells Alia that if she follows them even then Tanu has a problem, if she doesn’t even then Tanu has a problem. Munni tells her that she is doing all this so that she can just finish the task and get back to her kids.

Alia tells her that she brought her to this house, so she dare not over smart her and she has to do everything according to her. Munni tells her that she has the Badshah and Alia tells her to keep her cards to herself until the time she doesn’t tell her. Munni tells her that she will leave everybody and the Badshah too but it is up to the Badshah whether he will leave her or not.

Meanwhile Dadi and Dasi come and say that Abhi is happy, meanwhile, Mitali bhabhi also joins them and they ask if Pragya will give them the news or Abhi will give. Mitali and Dasi cry like an infant. Meanwhile, Abhi just pulls Pragya aside and holds her in his arms. Pragya sees Abhi with love and Abhi tells her that she has to complete things, Abhi asks her to say something, if not then he will take her upstairs and do what he wants to do. He tells her that he’s going and when he returns if she doesn’t say anything tonight he will consider it her Yes.

Tanu tells Alia that Munni’s confidence and everything has changed. Alia recalls Munni’s words and the way she was repeating her words. Alia thinks that she has to complete the game and keep Munni under control before she takes control over them. Tanu is frustrated and tells Alia to be aware. Alia just asks Tanu to leave but is wary about what’s happening in the house. Meanwhile, Pragya goes in her bedroom and recalls all good times spent with Abhi. Pragya says to herself that she wants to grow her family with Abhi but before that she wants to know who had attacked Abhi. Pragya thanks God for being there with her and prays to God to support her in keeping Abhi safe from the one who has attacked him.

Abhi is driving and thinking about Pragya and suddenly a car comes towards him drifting his car towards a barbed area where Abhi’s car gets punctured. There’s another man in the other car who also comes out, meanwhile someone is watching Abhi and this man asks Abhi that is he Abhi the Rockstar. Both of them shake hands and Abhi leaves.

Dadi and Dasi talk about Ravi and his family and pray God that he should get every good thing in life.

Munni sees her nephew and niece’s photograph and thinks with Alia has hidden them. But she is happy that at least Pragya and Abhi are together. Pragya, on the other hand, is thinking about Munni and Munni just calls. Pragya asks about Chutka Chutki and Munni tells she will definitely find them. Munni asks Pragya if everything is alright. Pragya thanks Munni for teaching her everything. Pragya tells Munni that she was not even as much happy when she came here after her marriage. Munni asks Pragya how did she feel after meeting Abhishek and Pragya just transverses into another world. Pragya says she’s happy and Munni tells her to take care of everything. Pragya again thanks, Munni, but suddenly Tanu appears and asks Pragya that who was she talking to. Pragya tells her that she was speaking to Pragya’s mother. Suddenly, Dadi comes and tell Pragya that Sarla ji’s phone has come on a landline. Pragya tells Tanu that she cut the phone intermittently that’s why ma has called on a landline. Tanu thinks that they had brought Munni to tell lies to Abhi, is Munni lying to them only.

Meanwhile, Munni prays to God to help Pragya and Abhishek and save them from Alia and Tanu.

Mitali complains to Raj about Bunty and Raj tells Bunty to take care of things even when he wasn’t there. Abhi also comes back home, Dadi tells him that Pragya has cooked dinner for him. Abhi tells Pragya to accompany him for washing hands. Pragya says no and Abhi holds her hand and drags her in front of each other. Abhi takes her to the side eagerly and tells Pragya to give answer of his question that he had asked in the morning. Abhi sings ‘Kuchi kuchi rakma’ and Mitali’s daughter interrupts chachu and Pragya runs away. Abhi tells her to ask Pragya that chachi when will you give me a little sister.

While Pragya organizes dinner, Mitali asks her if she has got Abhi’s hands cleaned. Meanwhile also comes and asks when Pragya will give her cousin. Dadi also jumps in alongside Mitali followed by Abhi. Meanwhile, Dasi comes and shouts Abhi, Tanu and Alia try to find out why Dasi is shouting and Pragya thinks if Dasi has seen Munni.

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