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Mahakali – Ant Hi Aarambh Hai Episode Update: Durga is Formed with Tridev’s Super Powers

October 1 episode update of Mahakali: Ant Hi Aarambh Hai

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| Contributor Content| UPDATED: October 2, 2017, 3:33 PM IST
Mahakali – Ant Hi Aarambh Hai Episode Update: Durga is Formed with Tridev’s Super Powers Image Courtesy: Youtube still from Mahakali
The episode starts with Parvati returning to Kailash with Lord Shiva, who welcomes back Kailash Swamini (the owner of Kailash). Meanwhile, Nandi wants to meet Parvati but Kartikeya prevents him from doing so. Paravati and Shiva discuss her recent loss of memory and what the future holds for them now that they have returned to Kailash.

Elsewhere, Mahishasur, while grateful to Brahma, keeps him imprisoned, something he plans to continue, as he reveals to Shumbh and Nishumbh that Brahma is the key to the victory of the Asuras over the Devs, given that Brahma always helps the Devs to win. Angered, Brahma promises that Mahishasur will die if he doesn’t release him, to which Mahishasur boasts about his invincibility and says that even Tridev (Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva) cannot kill him.

At Kailash, Shiva tells Parvati about Mahishasur and asks she is prepare to do what is necessary. Parvati says that Mahakali will destroy him and asks that the Tridev create a Shakti for her. Shiva is forced to admit that due to Brahma’s incarceration, the Tridev cannot meet to create the Shakti.

Back in the cave, Narayan visits Mahishasur to remonstrate with him and again ask for Brahma’s release. Mahishasur refuses and continues to mock Narayan, who takes on an elaborate Vishnu form to battle him; due to Brahma’s boon, however, Mahishasur remains invincible. Narayan returns to Kailash to ask Shiva for help and the two of them try to defeat Mahishasur, but are unable to do so.
Mahishasur decides to lay claim to heaven and, at the goading of Shumbh, also promises to rule at Kailash. When Parvati asks Kartikeya to aid Narayan and Shiva, he reminds her that the Asura cannot be defeated by a male. Parvati then meditates and recalls Shiva’s words that to kill Mahishasur, only one with Tridev’s Shakti would only be able to kill him. She also recalls Shiva saying that if a lady drops Shanka (doubt) then she herself becomes Shankar (Shiv).

Parvati then girds herself in the form of Mahakali and leaves for the cave, where the rest of the Devs have gathered to confront Mahishasur. He is least bothered, boasting that he will conquer Indralok overnight, but before he can attack the Devas, Kartikeya appears and reminds Mahishasur that he cannot harm the Devas before first confronting their general.

Mahishasur retorts that Kartikeya is too young to fight him and he will just leave him considering his age, but at further taunting proceeds to battle him. Just as Kartikeya is about be overcome, Mahakali herself appears, at which the bonds of Brahma and the Devs immediately burst open.

After a furious fight, Mahishasur manages to take Kartikeya hostage, demanding that Mahakali either submit to him and become Shumbh’s consort as Parvati or die herself. Mahakali assumes the Parvati form and chooses death, but also asks that she be allowed to choose her own manner of death. When Mahishasur agrees, she asks to be slain by the weapon created by her husband (Shiva), brother (Narayan) and all-father (Brahma) as only then will her soul find peace after death.

Impressed by such bravery and poise, Mahishasur allows this, but when Shiva’s Trishul, Narayan's Sudarshan Chakra and Brahma's Brahmaastra all strike her, they imbibe Parvati with the Tridev’s Shakti, who then takes on the form of Durga.​

After another protracted battle, in which Mahishasur changes forms, Durga finally defeats and kills him and warns Shumbh and Nishumbh that Mahakali will have her vengeance on them next.
First Published: October 2, 2017, 3:33 PM IST


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