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Mahakali: Mahadev Aims His Trishul At Vinayak

29th Oct Episode 30 Written update for you.

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| Contributor Content| UPDATED: October 30, 2017, 2:49 PM IST
Mahakali: Mahadev Aims His Trishul At Vinayak Image Courtesy: Youtube still from Mahakali
In the 29th October episode of Mahakali Anth Hi Aarambh Hai, Parvati puts Vinayak to sleep, but as soon as she closes her eyes she sees blood and Vinayak’s voice calling her ma… She goes out to find Vinayak, but he’s not seen anywhere. Nandi and other guards join her. Parvati thinks of searching in the kitchen and she finds Vinayak there, gorging on modaks. She feels insecure for losing her child once again. Parvati tells Vinayak to never leave her without informing, Vinayak assures her that he is her child, why would he leave her and go anywhere else.

Parvati calls Narayan and asks him to suggest a solution for the security of her child. Narayan suggests her to perform a Yagna praying for her son’s safety; however, Narayan suggests that the Yagna has to be Akand (uninterrupted).
Parvati prepares for the Yagna. Vinayak comes asks what she’s preparing for. Parvati tells him that she is performing a Yagna to oblige Narayan. Vinayak replies that he is your brother, he would be always happy with you. Parvati tells him that this time there’s something extremely special that she’s asking from him.

Narayan tells Lakshmi that Ahankaar is one of the worst vices in the world. It spreads negativity and darkness everywhere, even in the most intelligent and pious beings.

Andhak calls Hrinyaksh and says that he is not his son. Hrinyaksh feels surprised and asks who has told him this. Andhak says that he’s never punished him, but a father always does when his child does anything wrong. He says, when his friends were mocking his mother, Hrinyaksh didn’t get angry, because she must not be his wife. Hrinyaksh accepts that Andhak is not his son, but says that he’s always loved him like a son. Andhak argues that he did not reveal his parents’ identity and lied to him all his life. Hriyaksh asks if he’s thinking of living with his parents. Andhak says no, ‘I want to give them death for leaving me.’ Hrinyaksh gets worried to see his attitude and creates a cage around Andhak with his mystic powers. He plans to keep an eye on him until he chooses the right path.

Parvati asks Vinayak to guard her abode and don’t let anybody interrupt her Yagna. She gives all her powers to Vinayak in a Dand (weapon) and calls her Dandpaani. Vinayak assures her that he won’t let anyone in and if someone tries to, he’ll get punished from this Dand.

Meanwhile, Mahadev approaches towards Kailash. Parvati goes in to perform Yagna for Vinayak’s security.
Parvati initiates the Yagna and Shiva marches forward to Kailash. He reaches Parvati’s abode and finds Vinayak standing there. He feels glad to see the little Vinayak.

Shiva calls him Vinayak and he gets surprised that how he knows his name. He asks who he is. Shiva says that your mother must have told you about me. Vinayak recalls Parvati’s description of Mahadev.

Both of them feel glad to see each other. Shiva says lets go inside and meet your mother. Vinayak tells him to stop as if he’ll go in at this time, his mother might get distracted. Shiva requests that she’ll not get interrupted, but Vinayak orders that he needs to wait here.

Shiva says that when Yagna is being performed at his own home, he must be a part of it. But Vinayak stubbornly resists. Narayan tells Lakshmi that during Vinayak’s birth he had got Ahankaar in him and with Parvati’s powers his Ahankaar has strengthened itself and become deep rooted in Vinayak.

Vinayak rudely tells Shiva that he must wait patiently and enter only when Parvati completes her task. Shiva suggests him that what he is doing is abhadra (indecent) and udand (rude).

Vinayak says that you can call it whatever you want but he won’t allow anyone, as his mother has asked him to.
Nandi intervenes and warns him to allow Mahadev to go inside. Vinayak tells him that he must remember his power and stay away. Nandi says that the last time, he didn’t say anything considering him Mahadev’s son but this time if he insults Mahadev, then he’ll have to use his power. Vinayak challenges Nandi and other guards and fights them out.

Shiva asks him to stop, Vinayak arrogantly bickers they had started the fight and he’ll end it. Indra comes and says that he is Mahadev and you must not insult him. He directs him to get out of Mahadev’s way. Vinayak says that his mother’s aadesh (order) is param (comes first) for him. He boasts that ‘if he is Mahadev, then I have the strength of all powers of my mother.’ He shows them his supremacy by attacking them. Indra asks all Devs to counter-attack Vinayak. Vinayak misuses his powers and mocks all Devs.

Shiva quietly observes him and aggravates. Vinayak threatens Indra. Shiva says to keep one promise you have committed many crimes just because of your Ahankaar (ego). Vinayak says that he doesn’t know anything else except his mother’s words. He questions Mahadev for what happiness has he given to his mother. He questions that why he left Kailash.

Mahadev explains that there was a purpose behind him leaving Kailash. Vinayak argues that ‘for you my mother’s happiness does not matter in front of a purpose, but for me my mother’s happiness is more than any purpose.’

Shiva counsels Vinayak that his mother has kept his name Vinayak so that he could exemplify politeness and he has to leave Ahankar if he truly loves his mother.
Vinayak further mocks Shiva for giving him unnecessary advice.

Shiva tells him that negative energy has no place in Kailash and he must drop his Ahankaar. Vinayak disagrees and asks Shiva to drop his stubbornness to enter the home before Parvati’s yagna is complete.
Narayan comes and tells him that he must drop his ego and apologize to his father. He requests Vinayak to obey atleast his mama’s recommendation.

Vinayak mocks Narayan too, by saying that he did not do what a brother is supposed to do for his wailing sister. Vinayak says that when his father had left Kailash, Narayan should have convinced Mahadev to come back.
Narayan hopelessly looks at Shiva.

Vinayak goes on fuming at Shiva and Narayan. He then challenges Shiva that either agree to fight or have patience to meet his mother. He insults Shiva for being quiet and mocks his Rudra (stormy) roop.

Shiva says that Ahankaar must leave your head. It’s a father’s responsibility to show the right course to his son, but still, if the son doesn’t choose the right path then he has to punish his child.

Vinayak insults Shiva by saying that this much guidance is enough for today. Either keep quiet or fight.
Mahadev aggravates, Vinayak throws his dand at Mahadev but it is not able to touch him, Vinayak feels surprised, Mahadev aims his Trishul (trident) at Vinayak.
First Published: October 30, 2017, 2:49 PM IST


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