Mahakali: Parvati Declares Ganesha the Winner, Kartikeya Leaves Kailash

Image Courtesy: Youtube still from Mahakali

Image Courtesy: Youtube still from Mahakali

12th November Episode 34 written update for you!

In the 12th November episode of Mahakali Anth Hi Aarambh Hai, Ganesha shares with Shiva that it seems his elder brother is angry with him. Shiva comforts him by saying that he doesn’t know his brother as yet but also warns him to be wary of his words when speaking to Kartikeya.

Parvati tells Kartikeya how Ganesha was created. Kartikeya complains that he’s not wanted anymore in his mother’s life. Parvati tells him that her situation is similar to his. She asks him if after meeting her, did he give any less importance to Kartikeya. Kartikeya understands Parvati’s stance.

Ganesha arranges a feast for Kartikeya and offers him modaks. Nandi tells him that Pratham Poojya (the one to be worshipped first) Ganesha has not adored anyone so much at Kailash till now. Indra sarcastically calls Ganesha Pratham Poojya as he is Gauri and Mahadev’s son. Indra then praises Ganesha and reveals that since the time he is there, he has set off all problems at Kailash with ease.

Kartikeya fumes and goes to Shiva. He asks what Pratham Poojya is all about. He says that he doesn’t consider Ganesha Pratham Poojya. Parvati tells him that it was Mahadev and Mahakali’s decision. Kartikeya challenges this decision and says that every position must be given on the basis of capabilities.

Parvati tells him that this designation was conferred by her to Ganesha but if he doesn’t like it then he can definitely compete with him. She asks everyone present to feel free to challenge Ganesha if they also think that he should not be Pratham Poojya. Parvati tells Ganesha to get ready to compete with Kartikeya. Ganesha questions that how can he compete with his brother. She tells him to take it as an opportunity.

Shiva announces a competition between the two brothers. He says that whosoever will complete 3 rounds of the universe faster will be the winner and will be considered as Pratham Poojya. Parvati worries that competition brings envy, Shiva says that sometimes it clears the negativity too.

Ganesha comes and tells Parvati that he doesn’t wish to compete with his elder brother and he’ll be happy if his brother becomes Pratham Poojya. Shiva tells him that he’s not understood his brother yet. Every situation has a purpose behind it and he must take part in this competition. Shiva tells Parvati that this competition will not just show the truth to Kartikeya but there’s a learning for the entire universe.

Kartikeya arrives and tells Parvati that he’s asked for a competition because Indra insisted that Ganesha is Pratham Poojya because he is Mahadev and Mahagauri’s son. Kartikeya explains that he is not competing with his brother but he doing this to show Indra that Ganesha is Pratham Poojya not because he is the son of Mahadev and Mahagauri, but because he is the most yogya (deserving) for this upadhi (designation).

Parvati feels glad and says that Mahadev was right when he said that it’s better for parents to stay out of their children’s path and let them follow their instinct.

Ganesha practices for the next day’s competition. Kartikeya goes and clarifies that he’s not envious of his little brother. Parvati comes and tells them that whatever happens in the competition tomorrow, both of them must remember that they both are the real wealth of their parents and both of them should compete like the best yodhas (warriors).

Next morning, Kartikeya and Ganesh arrive for the competition. They take Shiva and Parvati’s blessings. Ganesha touches Kartikeya’s feet. Shiva reminds them of the rules of the competition.

Kartikeya leaves on his peacock while Ganesha follows him on the ground. Parvati feels that Kartikeya is a yodha and he has a mayur vahan (peacock) too, whereas Ganesha has nothing. Nandi says that Ganesha will have to struggle a lot to compete with Kartikeya. Parvati feels that Ganesha is her son and he won’t accept his defeat so easily. Kartikeya completes two rounds. Indra says that it is evident that Kartikeya will take the Partham Poojya upadhi.

Ganesha returns and everyone gets shocked to see him marching in the opposite direction. Parvati questions why he has returned. Ganesha bows his head and quickly completes three rounds around Shiva and Parvati while Kartikeya is seen at the last stage of his third round around the Universe. He stands by his parents. Kartikeya arrives and everyone hails him.

Shiva announces the competition is complete and asks Parvati to give her decision. Kartikeya tells Ganesha that he played well. Parvati announces Ganesha as the winner. Everyone gets astonished. Kartikeya questions her decision. Parvati explains that Kartikeya completed three parikramas (rounds) of the Universe and Ganesha too, but faster than him. She elucidates that when Kartikeya was doing rounds of the bhautik (physical) universe, Ganesha rotated around his parents, who are a child’s universe.

Kartikeya says that he had never expected this pakshpaat (favoritism) from her and leaves.

Andhak meets Rishi Ushana. Rishi Ushana tells him that he can feel vibes of anger and jealousy from him. Andhak accepts his feeling and asks him to direct his anger and make him the best Yodha in the world. He requests Rishi Ushana to never inquire where he would put his energy and whom will he attack.

Parvati feels sad about Kartikeya’s viewpoint. Shiva tells him that because her child is in pain, she is doubting her motherhood. Shiva further says that Kartikeya is perplexed because the yodha inside him is not able to accept its defeat. Parvati decides to go and speak to him. Shiva reveals that Kartikeya has left Kailash. Parvati wails that her son cannot take such a big test of his mother. She cries out his name and Kartikeya turns but then recalls her verdict. He again moves forward to leave Kailash.

Andhak asks Rishi Ushana to promise him that he will never talk about his past. Rishi Ushana agrees. Andhak says that he is surrendering himself to him and asks if he will accept a blind as his shishya (pupil). Rishi Ushana tries to test Andhak and throws a stone towards him, Andhak catches it with efficacy. Rishi Ushana discovers that Andhak has Ritambhara pratagya, he asks Andhak that from where did he get this virtue. Andhak reminds him of his promise to not seek anything from his past.

Rishi Ushana feels that the kind of vibes and energy he’s getting from Andhak, can be of no one except Mahadev. He realizes that he is Shivansh (Shiva’s part). Rishi Ushana conspires that he can take advantage of Andhak’s energy against Indra. He accepts Andhak as his shishya and promises to make him a Yodha that the Universe has never witnessed before. Andhak thinks about Parvati and determines that soon he will set her free from Mahadev.

  • First Published: November 13, 2017, 10:27 IST
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