Mahakali: Parvati Sends Andhak To Rishi Ushana, Shiva Asks Her For a Test

Image Courtesy: Youtube still from Mahakali

Image Courtesy: Youtube still from Mahakali

11th November Episode 33 written update for you!

In the 11th November Episode of Mahakali Anth Hi Aarambh Hai, Parvati questions Mahakal for stopping her from entering Kailash. Shiva replies that he is just trying to remind her of the decision when she gave Andhak to Hrinyaksh. Parvati asks Shiva that how much more pain will he inflict on her. Shiva tells her that Andhak has darkness in his aura and his presence will change everything at Kailash. He tells her that his place is not in Kailash but Pragjyotish and he must return to his abode. Parvati tells Shiva that till now she honored his promise, now it’s his turn to respect her motherhood.

Ganesha mediates and says that both Shiva and Parvati are right. He suggests that if Andhak cannot permanently stay at Kailash, he can stay here as a guest. Parvati agrees and asks Hrinyaksh too to be their guest. An upset Shiva leaves, imagining the consequences of Parvati’s obstinacy.

Parvati creates a special place for Andhak at Kailash and makes him comfortable there. Ganesha accompanies them and Parvati appreciates him for sorting the difference between her and Mahadev effortlessly. Andhak feels envy of Ganesha. Parvati asks him to take rest and promises to see him at dinner.

Ganesha asks Parvati if she really trusts Andhak. Parvati says that he has negative vibes because of the time he was born in. Parvati decides to eliminate Andhak’s negative thinking.

Shiva tells Narayan that he will not interfere till the time Parvati doesn’t realize that her decision to bring Andhak is wrong.

Andhak feels anxious in Parvati’s absence and goes to meet her. He asks Parvati that why did she depart from him. Parvati apprises him of the circumstances that followed before and after his birth. Andhak blames Mahadev for separating Parvati from her child against her wish.

Andhak then asks Parvati if she loves him equal to Ganesha. Parvati assures him that she loves all his sons equally. Andhak asks if Mahadev will love him, Parvati stays quiet. He decides to create a space for himself in Mahadev’s heart.

Parvati feels worried and tries to figure out the storm going on in Andhak’s mind.

Hrinyaksh meets Shiva and apologizes for his behavior with his son and wife. Shiva reminds him that every child has its own karampath (path of deeds) and parents cannot do anything about it but just guide their wards.

Andhak comes to meet Shiva. Hrinyaksh stops him from uttering anything and asks him to leave. Mahadev asks Andhak to ask the question he has in his mind. Andhak asks Shiva that why he hates him. Mahadev tells him that he doesn’t hate him and it is just his perception as he stopped him from entering Kailash. Andhak tells him that does he know what it is to be raised as a blind. Mahadev tells him that a person is not blind by eyes, but he becomes blind when chetna (consciousness) gets buried under the burden of ego and anger. An enraged Andhak argues with Mahadev.

Parvati comes and asks him to control his anger and feel the love his family has for him. He tells her that it’s only her who loves him.

Andhak fumes, Ganesha comes and offers him modaks. Andhak asks him to leave and do not try to befriend him. Ganesha says that at least he can sit there silently and eat modaks. He tempts Andhak by saying that mom makes great food. Andhak tries a modak.

Andhak asks Ganesha that who will become the king of Kailash. Ganesha tells him that nothing like that will happen because this is Kailash, not a kingdom. Andhak still insists and Ganesha reveals that neither he nor Andhak will become an uttaradhikari (successor), as they have an elder brother Kartikeya who is neither drishtiheen (blind) nor he has the head of an elephant. Andhak fumes, and Ganesha feels surprised to see his negative thinking.

Shiva tells Parvati that Andhak has a sick mentality and she must not stay with him. He says that Andhak needs maargdarshan (guidance) and neither of them can show him the way.

At the dinner, Parvati serves food to Andhak and he tells her that nobody has ever loved him as much as she does. Ganesha serves his first bite to Parvati and as soon as she extends a bite to Ganesha, Andhak intervenes and says that she must give it to him as he is the elder one. He argues with Ganesh and asks him to leave from there.

Hrinyaksh intervenes and asks him to control his words as he is just a guest. Andhak asks Hrinyaksh to leave Kailash as he is the guest. He boasts that he is the son of Kailash Swamini and this is his place. Parvati speaks to Hrinyaksh.

Andhak feels irate and says that he doesn’t want to lose Parvati again due to his anger. Kartikeya comes and asks who he is and what is he doing at Kailash.

Andhak realizes that it is Kartikeya and attacks him. Kartikeya fights him off, Parvati comes and scolds Kartikeya. She tells him that he is his younger brother. Kartikeya apologizes.

Hrinyaksh comes and says that it was his mistake that he did not complete Andhak’s education. Parvati tells him that it is her decision to send him to Rishi Ushana. Andhak blames Mahadev for shifting her heart too. Andhak threatens Parvati that one day he will separate her from everyone and will take him to a place where nobody will be able to come and meet her.

Ganesha comes with Mahadev and tries to console Parvati by saying that one day Andhak will understand the reason behind this separation.

Parvati introduces Ganesha to Kartikeya, he tells her that he had got the news for the arrival of his brother and that’s why he came to meet him. He complains that may be his mother forgot to inform her elder son.

Hrinyaksh takes Andhak to Rishi Ushana’s cave. Andhak asks him to leave him and let him find his own path. He decides to become a strong man so that he defeats Kartikeya and takes Parvati out of Mahadev’s detention.

Parvati recalls Kartikeya’s words and explains to Mahadev that for a mother all her children are equal. She asks that does she need to express her love verbally to Kartikeya.

She asks why his children are questioning her, what was her mistake, where did she lag behind. Shiva tells her that it is just a matter of perspective. Shiva explains that the problem is with her expectations. He tells her that every individual has its own journey as per his past Karma and present Karam (deeds), she can just show her children the right path but it’s them who will have to ultimately decide which path they will choose as an individual. Parvati says that she understands what he’s trying to convey. Shiva tells her to get ready as her children are going to test her again.

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