Taarak Mehta ka Ooltah Chashmah: Jethalal Fires Nattu Kaka And Baagha

Photo courtesy: YouTube screengrab

Photo courtesy: YouTube screengrab

12th October episode written update for you.

Jethalal sits opposite Chedda Electronics to espy Nattu kaka and Baagha. He wears a helmet so that no one recognizes him. He waits there for some time, but doesn’t spot them. Jethalal thinks that maybe Taarak Mehta was right but at that moment itself, he sees Nattu kaka and Baagha entering Chedda Electronics.

Jethalal reaches his shop in an irate mood. A loyal customer calls Jethalal and tells him that he saw Nattu kaka and Baagha at Chedda Electronics. Soon, another person calls him and tells that Nattu kaka and Baagha are talking ill for you.

Jethalal receives one more call from another shopkeeper, who tells him that Nattu kaka and Baagha were calling him a miser.

Jethalal thinks about not paying them their dues to teach them a good lesson. Jethalal sees his inner voices guised as angel and devil. Jetha’s angel suggests him to forgive them but the devil tells him that even though, he treated them like family members, they’ve betrayed him. Devil tells him that he’s Gaddha not Gadha (donkey).

Nathu kaka and Baagha return to Jetha’s shop and he fumes at them. Jethalal discloses that he knows everything about Chedda’s offer. Both of them are caught unaware. He asks if they had gone to Chedda Electronics or not. Nattu kaka wants to clarify but Jethalal asks them to give an answer in ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Jethalal says that he’s not stupid. Jethalal insults them by saying that they’ve broken his trust by going to Chedda Electronics.

He then asks them to leave right away. Nattu kaka insists on clarifying their stand but Baagha stops him by saying that, ‘when sethji doesn’t trust us, there is no point in explaining’. Jethalal asks them to leave right away. Nattu kaka says that one day we will definitely explain you the entire incident. Jethalal reiterates furiously that they are not leaving his job, he’s firing them.

He then stops them and clears their dues and asks them to never return to his shop.

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