Udaan: Ranvijay Confines Chakor In Banaras

Udaan: Ranvijay Confines Chakor In Banaras

10th October 2017 episode written update for you!

In the latest episode of Udaan, Imli tells Vivaan that she had kept karvachauth fast for his long life. She fears that Suraj might kill her after knowing the truth.

Chakor gladly talks to her baby and recalls Suraj’s words. She then thinks about Imli and decides to call her. Imli receives Chakor’s call but before she could decide whether to answer her call or not, Suraj comes and drags her to a far-off place. He asks Imli to tell the truth behind her lies and why she wanted to separate him and Chakor?

Imli gets surprised but confidently lies to Suraj that she did so to find out who had planned the attack on Chakor. She swears by placing her hand on a diya and convinces Suraj.

Imli asks Suraj if Chakor will forgive her. Suraj says that they will get to know only once she’s back in Azaadganj. Imli questions, why he didn’t bring Chakor with him. Suraj replies that Chakor feels that his life is in danger.

In Banaras, Ranvijay appreciates Chakor for considering his house safe for her. But then says that Chakor has to stay here all her life. Chakor tries to call Suraj.

In Azaadganj, Suraj tells Kasturi and Bhuvan about Chakor and their baby. Kasturi cries and curses herself for doubting Chakor. She asks Suraj to connect her with Chakor, so she can apologize. Suraj tells her that he’s waiting for Chakor’s call.

Chakor is not able to connect a call to Suraj. She asks Kavya for her phone. Kavya wonders why she wants to call the man who wants to kill her.

Chakor clarifies that all misunderstandings have sorted now. Ranvijay’s mother and Kavya feel happy for Chakor and ask her to return to her husband. Chakor says that she wants to release them from Ranvijay’s clutches first and that’s why she wants to talk to Suraj to tell him the reason why she’s staying back.

Chakor realizes that there’s no network on Kavya’s phone either. Kavya suggests her to call from a landline.

Suraj gets a cold call and Pakhi laughs. Both talk about Chakor. Suraj feels that may be Chakor is in big trouble and she’s lied to him.

Chakor finds that the landline is also dead. Chakor suspects that Ranvijay is behind all this. Preeti suggests her to leave as Ranvijay can stoop down to any extent. Chakor says that she has to talk to Suraj and will call him from a PCO.

The security guard stops Chakor on Ranvijay’s orders. She resists and finds Ranvijay in front of her. He instructs her to not step outside the house and also not speak to an outsider. Chakor questions him but he shuts the door.

Ranvijay tells Chakor that anyone can come to his home but cannot leave without his permission. Chakor shivers while Ranvijay asks her to take care of her baby and not speak to anyone in Azaadgunj.

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