Udaan: Ranvijay is Imli’s Ally, and Kamal Narayan their Common Enemy

Photo courtesy: YouTube screengrab

Photo courtesy: YouTube screengrab

16th October episode written update for you.

In the 16th October episode of Udaan, Imli gets a phone call from a mysterious person and leaves.

In Banaras, Chakor prepares Kavya and her mother to take a stand against Ranvijay by fleeing from the house. Both the ladies fear Ranvijay’s ire, but Chakor makes them strong by telling Kamal Narayan’s story. All of them join hands while ‘ye hoslon ki udaan hai’ plays in the background.

Chakor looks out from the window, while Imli reaches an unknown place. Chakor spots Suraj outside the house, Kavya refutes saying that she thinks of Suraj all the time, that’s why she has just witnessed an illusion.

Imli meets Ranvijay, she tells him that Suraj might have gone to his home. Ranvijay promises her that he will kill Suraj if he has dared to enter his house. Imli tells Ranvijay that their ultimate enemy is Kamal Narayan. And their mission should be to finish him. Ranvjiay thanks her for providing the papers last time. He asks her the motive behind her help. Imli reveals that she wants to rule Azaadganj and take place of Kamal Narayan. Ranvijay asks her if she needs anything from him. Imli tells him to either kill Chakor or marry her, so that she cannot intervene in her life anymore. Both of them shake hands and disperse.

Suraj talks to Pakhi and tells her that he’s reached Ranvijay’s house and it looks no less than a jail. He tells her that he has seen a girl like Chakor. Pakhi tells him to be cautious and do not enter the house until he knows that Chakor is there, inside.

Ranvijay’s mother brings all the jewelry and tells him that they don’t wear it anymore. Ranvijay asks her to keep a necklace for her would be daughter-in-law. Chakor says that it’s your family’s personal matter and is about to leave when Ranvijay stops her and asks her to sit. He then asks his mother to hand over the necklace to Chakor as a Shagun. Everyone gets shocked and Chakor calls him mad. She throws away the necklace and asks him to come to his senses, as she’s already married and pregnant.

Ranvijay insists that he will marry her, come what may, otherwise her loved ones have to pay the price.

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